Beautiful Purple Flowers

When people think of purple flowers, the flowers that come to mind first are usually petunias, pansies, and violets. There are many other purple flowers that are wonderful choices for a purple flower garden. Purple is the favorite color of many people, and a purple flower garden with pretty blooms in varying shades of purple is simply stunning. If you love the color purple, consider planting a garden filled with flowers that are primarily purple. There are a number of purple flowers that are eye-catching, beauteous, and unequaled in the plant category. Consider the following flowers for a beautiful purple flower garden. These purple posies will capture the attention of all who gaze upon them.

Purple Delphinium

Purple delphinium is a wonderful choice for a purple flower garden. Each spire of the purple delphinium is covered with dozens of double purple blooms. It’s like have dozens of purple flowers on every stalk of this amazing plant. Each individual flower of the purple delphinium grows to a maximum size of approximately three inches, and the plant itself reaches a maximum height of approximately six feet.

The purple delphinium will produce beautiful purple flowers from late in spring to the early days of summer, and again in early autumn. This lovely purple flower is best suited for zones three through eight, and makes a great addition to any purple flower garden.

Blue Mist Bluebeard Shrub

Like many blue flowers, the blue mist bluebeard shrub is not truly blue. There may be a hint of blue in this beautiful flowering bush, but the blue mist bluebeard shrub produces flowers that are an artistically light shade of purple. The blooms look like purple puffs adorned with purple needles. Not only are the blooms of this plant beautiful, they are also very aromatic.

Consider planting the blue mist bluebeard shrub in zones five through nine. This beautiful purple-flowering shrub reaches a maximum height of approximately three feet tall, and spans to a width of approximately three feet. Place this lovely purple-flowering bush in partial sun to full shade for best results.

Russian Sage

Russian sage is a must for those who want a purple flower garden. These purple flowers reach a maximum height of about four feet, and they have a spread that reaches an average of three feet. The foliage is silverish green in color, and the stems are loaded with small purple blooms that are unlike any other. These tall purple flowers would make a great backdrop for lower growing purple flowers of a varying shade.

Consider growing Russian sage in a zone four through nine garden. You’ll love the colorful purple flowers that last from the middle of summer to early autumn.

Hardy Purple Geranium

When most people think of geraniums, they think of classic pink or bright red flowers. Did you know there are purple geraniums? Purple geraniums are full of purple blooms boasting deep purple veins. The foliage of the purple geranium is as unique as the flowers. The foliage has a very soft velvet like texture.

The hardy purple geranium reaches a maximum height of approximately two feet and encompasses about the same width. Consider planting hardy purple geraniums in a zone four through eight garden. You’ll love the purple version of this lovely classic flower.

Clustered Bellflower

From a distance, the clustered bellflower looks similar to the flower of a clover, only the blooms of this flower are a beautiful shade of purple. This lovely purple flower blooms the entire summer, and it is best suited for zones three through eight. Consider this purple flower if you want a plant reaching a maximum height of approximately three feet. The clustered bellflower prefers partial shade to full sun, and it’s definitely a great choice for those who want a purple flower garden that will steal the show.

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