Best 5 Big Top Circus Themed Centerpieces

Are you planning a circus themed party in the near future? If so, you may want to check out my picks for the best five circus themed centerpieces. Here they are:

Stuffed Animals

Want to get a little wild? Why not consider using stuffed lions, tigers, elephants and monkeys as centerpieces. You could outfit them with a tulle bow or tie on some balloons to add height to the table. Depending on how many tables you have, you may want to consider purchasing a 50 piece case of bean bag circus animals wholesale. Based on my experience, it will cost you roughly $42 for the case.

If you only have a few tables that are in need of centerpieces, I would recommend going with a more expensive stuffed animal and give it away at the end of the night. I would frequently give my centerpieces away by having the guests engage in a table game. I’d ask the musician to play a song and have the guests at each table pass the centerpiece around while the music was playing. The guest that had a hold of the centerpiece when the song stopped got to take the centerpiece home as a souvenir.

Ticket Roll Sculpture

Rolled tickets are inexpensive and if done up right can make an excellent circus themed centerpiece. A roll of 1000 tickets will generally cost you less than $7. I’d suggest stacking and creating a sculpture out of the tickets. You could top the ticket sculpture off with a box of Barnum Animal Crackers and balloons. You can typically pick up a case of crackers for $22 (15 boxes). I have used them many times as a centerpiece addition and they work well. I have found that you can tie balloons to the cracker box’s string handle quite easily.

Popcorn Cups

Why not buy a case of circus themed popcorn cups and fill them up with colorful cellophane, rolled tickets, cotton candy and other items that you would find at the circus? In my experience, they also work well as a circus themed centerpiece. A case of eight popcorn cups will tend to lighten your wallet by less than $2.

Side Show Celebration

What’s a circus without entertainers like the strong man and the tight rope walker? Why not create a centerpiece that salutes those stars of the big top. You can make strong man weights out of Styrofoam balls and wooden dowels. You can typically purchase both for less than $10 each. There is a company called Allentown Toy that makes a strongman plush toy that you could pair with your homemade barbells. A case of the strongman toys tend to sell for $11.

Elephant Ring Toss

Party planners that want to keep their guests entertained while they are sitting at the table may want to consider using an elephant ring toss game as a centerpiece. The games tend to sell for less than $7. You may opt to use a cardboard style game or a wooden one. Personally, I suggest using a wooden one if you have the cash to spare. I’d also recommend attaching it to the top of a stackable craft box in order to give it a bit more height. You may also want to fill the box with colored cellophane and circus peanuts candy. The boxes will tend to cost you $2 each and a case of the candy will most likely run you $6.

Killeen Gonzalez has a degree in hotel and restaurant management. She is also a former special events planner.

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