Best Gadgets to Take on the Road with You when Traveling

It’s that time again holidays, full of family, traveling, and good food. Sometimes during the holidays it might require you to travel. Which means traffic, kids asking if you’re there yet, and maybe even getting a little bit lost, but don’t let this put a damper on your festivities. In this article I will give you the best out of the best gadgets (even affordable) you need to survive on your family trip

1. Power inverter

One of the niftiest gadgets you can take along on your holiday trip is one that lets you plug in the other gadgets you have brought with you. An inverter changes the 12-volt direct current from your vehicle’s battery into the 115-volt alternating current used by most house hold items. You can run a mini fridge, a game console (along with a TV of course), a microwave or even a coffee pot!

Inverters come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The more compact ones can fit into different compartments of your car and plug into the lighter/power outlet. In addition to giving you AC power, it lets you charge your phone or tablet.

Please keep in mind that it runs off of your battery, so your power you can use at a time is limited. It is important when buying a inverter you look at how much power you can use and how much output you can use.

2. Portable DVD player

A portable DVD player is most likely the best thing to keep kids, even adults entertained on a long trip. Most players now come with an A/C charger and a power outlet for the car, which is very handy. It includes all the control a regular DVD player has along with a remote for easier control. Most people like technology to be durable, especially those with kids, many DVD players are built to last. Many have long battery life, strong exteriors, and reliable. Don’t forget to bring your favorite movies and TV shows!

3. GPS

Nowadays people rarely use maps or don’t even want to bother with stopping and asking for directions. Most phones have GPS’s on them but looking at your phone while driving is frowned upon because it may cause accidents. It is better to go with a GPS, which can be mounted to the dash of your vehicle or even be integrated into your cars system. Some GPS’s even can give you heads up about traffic and give you a different route that is unaffected, they also can inform you about road conditions, tolls, and places to stop in case you need a break. Some are even portable! Which means if you’re going on a hike take it with you to see some breath taking views and in case you get lost!

4. Tablet

There are many tablets out there that are affordable and have great user interface. Tablets are great for a road trip because there are many things you can use them, for example you can use them to read, play games and even look up things when you have a internet connection. Tablets can also let you go online to look at your bank statements, pay bills, or even catch up on some TV shows. Usually the charger is an USB cable that you can plug in your car or a car outlet. Kids also love to play with them and can keep them entertained for many of hours. Some can even connect with your phones Wi-Fi and you can use the internet on the go.

These are the best gadgets that can make your family holiday trip easy, joyful without all the stress and headaches!

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