Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offers a selection of prepaid cell phones on the Spirit-Nextel network. Not to be confused with the Spirit PCS network- the two are different. You may have seen the Boost Mobile commercials containing such celebrities as Eve, Fat Joe and even Travis Barker. The product itself offers a cell, web browser and walkie talkie all in one.

The Boost phone model I450 is a color screen flip phone. The keys are lit up in light blue. You have your basic volume higher and lower along with the walkie talkie feature on the left hand side. On the bottom of the phone is the port to connect your charger. The package comes with a regular outlet charger but you’ll have to buy an additional charger if you want one for your car.

The phone itself offers it’s features in a colorful menu.. First is your Re-Boost options. Here you can access your account by entering your wireless number and password. You can also view the rates, Re-Boost locations and the terms/conditions associated with the service. Second is your web items such as browser, e-mailing and using AIM service. Whenever you use AIM IM, you are charged for the day $0.20. Cheaper then sending texts back and forth. For an additional fee of currently $0.99 a day you can have either MSN, Yahoo, AIM or all three on your phone. Third is Boost Live which allows you to view certain TV entertainment and music videos on your phone. You pay for the month for this service. Currently it costs $5.00.

The next one is Java applications. Here you can download and use GPS navigating , solitaire, Boost TV and much more. Each download costs money so be sure to check out all the fine print before accepting. The fifth item is ring tones. If you aren’t satisfied with what ring tones they already have installed on the phone, you can purchase new ones. They have many to choose from and you can listen to samples via the official website before buying. The sixth option is recent calls. Here you can view who you’ve called and who’s called you. Option number 7 has settings that you can change such as the display of your phone, calls, volume and more. If for some reason you forget your own information, number 8 has your phone number, walkie talkie number and carrier IP digits.

There’s more options such as editing contacts, messages, a calendar, voice recorder, pictures, memos and even call forward. If you are unavailable and want to have your calls forwarded to your work or another phone, this feature forwards without any additional fee.

The phone itself has an outside display of how many bars you have for service, if the volume and ring tone is on, speaker availability for walkie talker, a globe and battery power. The time and date is also displayed. When the phone is open, the screen disappears until you close it again. The phone screen inside shows the same on the screen. You can change the background. Unfortunately this phone doesn’t have a camera. You can receive pictures and send them. Txt messaging at times seemed delayed. You’d send a txt message and a friend wouldn’t get it till 4 hours later at times.

The cost of this phone is $79.99 and includes $10.00 in free phone credits. The rates are $0.20 a minute between the hours of 7am-9pm. After 9pm it costs only $0.10. Any calls to other Spirit or Nextel numbers anytime are $0.10. To find out more about Boost Mobile and purchase your own, check out

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