Best Indian Cooking Blogs: Authentic Indian Recipes and More

When it comes to cooking Indian food, something so exotic may feel intimidating. It is mysterious and unfamiliar with ingredients and recipe names we may have trouble pronouncing let alone understanding what the ingredients are. The following Indian cooking and food and recipe blogs demystify the process of Indian cooking and ease us into its simplicity and makes us feel familiar and comfortable with jumping in and giving Indian cuisine a try. Indian food surprisingly contains many ingredients we ARE familiar with such as potatoes, onion, chick peas, various beans, rice, yogurt, tomatoes, spinach and cauliflower. How these common ingredients are put together is what makes them both exotic and exciting. Most Indian food is either vegan or vegetarian, even though there is the occasional chicken , beef, lamb or other meat recipes found in Indian cuisine. Vegan and vegetarian dishes abound for both economic and religious reasons. These blogs not only have wonderful pictures, but offer a sense of history and tradition and story telling, often told by native-born Indians who cook Indian cuisine every day of their lives. Enjoy the trip!

Happy Burp

It’s all about contentment

Written in Germany by a 30 something Indian female who is vegetarian and her blog mainly features Maharashtrian and Konkani dishes. Beautiful pictures and clear recipe instructions.

Indian Food Rocks

This site has great recipe titles, beautiful pictures of both Indian foods and some of the blogger’s trips and personal memoirs. The writer is sensitive and spiritual and describes food in an artistic way.


A collection of Indian recipes including a glossary of Indian food terms.
Death By Curry

Not really a blog but a huge personal website with an extensive searchable database of Indian recipes that can be searched by hot strength or name or index. Impressive.
Sailu’s Indian Food and Andrah recipes

Written by Sailaja, a mother and lives in Vishakhapatnam, a coastal city of Andhra Pradesh, South India. sharing my passion for all things food – Indian recipes, cooking techniques, healthy living, nutrition and Ayurvedic cooking. Many of her blog entries are about Andhra meals which she cooks nearly every day.
The Ultimate Indian Food Guide

Sanjeev Kapoor is a popular professional Chef and celebrity TV host specializing in Indian cuisine. The site has extensive recipes and glossary and cooking tips but there is also a pay subscription for full access to his site.
Me and My Kitchen

Indian recipes coupled with commentary and pictures. Nice organized links.
Chai Pani

Mostly Indian. Always Vegetarian. Written by a female named ammani who lives in London. Pictures and stories of her life and trips to India.
Kodalis Kitchen

Written by a female named Tanuja who lives in Atlanta Georgia. Indian recipes are written in a conversational tone and a lot of heritage is infused with the writing to give background on the meal.
Indian Food Kitchen Blog

Includes the latest recipes from India coupled with prose about Indian tradition, festivals and cooking history. Great collections of links to other Indian food recipes and sites.
Fat Free Indian Recipes

From crockpot curry to dahl to vindaloo and biryani, this collection of bare bones links are fat free Indian recipes posted by individuals around the world.
Veg Indian Recipes

This blog includes vegetarian recipes with pictures, culinary traditions and useful cooking tips. Includes North Indian, Punjabi, Tandoori, South Indian, Gujrati, Asian, Indo-Fusion. Also has a resource gallery featuring English names for common Indian and Asian cooking ingredients and spices


Other links of interest:
Cookbook Wiki all about Indian cuisine

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