Top 10 Benefits of Having Meal on Time

Like everything else in the world, meals have their own specific timings and they lose their meaning when we do not adhere to these. There are some specific meal timings during which we are expected to get done with our eating. We are incessantly advised by doctors, dietary specialists and our elders to have our meals on time. Ever wondered why? The routine has been set by traditions, our body needs  and natural requirements. Meal timings are standard in every culture and a deviance from them has a negative impact on our health, routine and social relationships. Have a look at the top ten benefits of having meals on time.


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    When you miss your meals, you drain your body of the energy required for working. Food is our source of energy and irregular food timings make the body suffer due to our carelessness.

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    There are specific timings that our stomach prepares itself for digestion. For example, a late dinner right before bed is not advisable because your body is not ready for the digestion required for it. The metabolism rate is low at nights.

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    Having your meals at time makes up a routine and brings some regularity and stability in your life. You can plan your day activities according to the meal timings.

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    Good sleep:

    With balanced meal timings that keep the body energized and aid digestion, you gift yourself hours of peaceful sleep. Dinner especially has a direct relation with your sleep. Have dinner at least three hours before you go to bed.

  • 5

    Fat free:

    When you have proper healthy meals on time, you refrain from eating junk and fast food to cover up. This protects your body from the excess fat.

  • 6

    Stable blood pressure:

    Having meals at specific timings regulates your blood pressure because your whole system gets tuned to the schedule. Your body knows when to expect food and when not to. So your blood pressure is maintained.

  • 7

    Stable sugar level:

    When you miss your meals or have meals at odd timings, you invite fluctuating sugar levels inside your body. By eating on fixed timings, there is a stable level you can expect to maintain.

  • 8

    Active mornings:

    With a nutritious breakfast in the morning, you are ready for a day of active work and high spirits. A day started with missed breakfast is certainly not a very healthy one.

  • 9

    Work focus:

    Having your meals on time helps you concentrate on your work because your appetite is satisfied. A stomach too full nor too empty is not a happy one.

  • 10

    Weight watch:

    Having meals on time can help you determine your portion size and calorie intake. Eating irregularly makes such calculations difficult.

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