Easy Campfire Meals and Treats

Camping is a time for relaxation, outdoor fun, good campfire meals, and tasty treats. Since camping is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time for every family member, meal preparation should be a group effort. Campfire meals and treats should be easy to prepare and involve very little clean up, and what is more important, campfire meals and treats should be fun and delicious.

Most people know how to make s`mores, pudgy pies, and basic grilled campfire meals. You don’t need recipes or instructions to prepare these traditional campfire meals and treats. Although these classic campfire meals and treats are delicious and fairly easy to make, it’s nice to have something different to dine on while camping with family and friends.

Impress your family and friends with the following fun and easy campfire meals and treats. These campfire meals and treats are definitely different, and these recipes are very easy to prepare. Try these delicious campfire meals and treats on your next camping trip. The recipes are easy to follow, easy to throw together, and definitely delicious.

Campfire Mushrooms and Onions

These campfire mushrooms and onions are great along with a thick juicy grilled campfire steak. Try this delicious campfire recipe next time you take a camping trip. If your family likes mushrooms and onions, they are sure to love this easy campfire recipe side dish. This delicious campfire recipe side dish makes four generous servings.

3 large sweet onions
1 cup button or morel mushrooms
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup margarine, softened
1 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Simply cut the onions into 12 sections, and cut the mushrooms into bite-size pieces. Combine the mushrooms and onions, and place an equal amount of mushrooms and onions on four large pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Combine the margarine, honey, pepper, and garlic salt, and top each serving of onions and mushrooms with an equal amount of this mixture. Fold the foil to create individual campfire packets, and grill the mushroom and onion packets approximately 10 minutes on each side and until the contents are tender.

Campfire Beef Stew

This delicious campfire beef stew will be a hit with your family and friends on your next camping trip. After trying this delicious campfire beef stew, you’ll want to make this tasty campfire recipe at home as well as on camping trips. This campfire recipe can be grilled at home and enjoyed anytime, and clean up is a breeze.

The meat can be grilled in advance of your camping trip to make the meal easier and faster to prepare if you wish. Simply store the grilled and cubed meat in a plastic storage container or bag, and keep it adequately chilled until your campfire meal. This delicious campfire main dish makes four mouth-watering servings.

3 pounds chuck steak
4 medium potatoes, cubed
1 can carrots, drained
1 stalk celery, diced
1 can golden mushroom soup, undiluted
1/4 cup water
�½ teaspoon garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper

Grill the chuck steak for about five minutes on each side. Let the steak cool for several minutes, and cut the meat into bite-size cubes. Divide the meat equally on four large squares of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Place equal amounts of celery and potatoes on each sheet of foil, and top each serving with approximately one tablespoon of mushroom soup, one tablespoon of water, and seasonings. Make foil campfire packets by folding the heavy-duty aluminum foil, and grill the campfire packets for approximately 20 minutes on each side, or until the vegetables are tender and the meat is completely done.

Campfire Peaches & Strawberries

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat healthy foods. This campfire treat is as healthy as it is delicious, and this campfire recipe is very easy to prepare. Everyone in the family can help assemble these tasty packets of fruit, and clean up is effortless. You’ll be able to simply throw away the foil packets when everyone is finished with this delicious campfire treat.

This healthy and delicious campfire treat makes eight servings, so consider inviting some of your neighbors over for a late-night snack. Everyone will love this fun and fruity campfire recipe.

4 medium-size ripe peaches, pitted, peeled, and cut in half
1 cup fresh strawberries, quartered
4 tablespoons brown sugar
4 tablespoons squeezable margarine
1 small lemon
Granola (optional)

Simply place each peach half on a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Top the peach halves with equal amounts of strawberries, a �½ tablespoon of brown sugar, and about a �½ tablespoon of squeezable margarine. Squeeze a little lemon juice over each serving, and seal the packets by folding over the edges of the foil. Grill the packets of fruit for about 20 minutes or until the peaches are warm and soft. For a little crunch, top each serving with granola if desired.

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