How to Freeze Corn Cut off The Cob

Corn makes great ingredients for a number of dishes including soups, pastas and stews. It is delicious even on its own with just the right amount of topping and spices. It is a seasonal ingredient and you might not be able to enjoy it all through the year. However, canned and frozen corn techniques make sure that we are not deprived of it. Freezing corn off the cob does not ask for much of an effort or complex processing technique. All you have to do is to blanch the corn. The blanching stops the natural enzyme activity in it which is responsible for break down of food products. This does not let you freeze things for long. When you stop the enzymes, you can freeze the corn for a long time. The process also softens the corn (reducing end cooking time) and cleans it up.

Things Required:

– 1-gallon pot
– 2 to 3 quarts water
– Corn on the cob
– Tongs
– 1-gallon bowl
– 3 quarts ice water
– Sharp paring knife
– Cutting board
– Re-sealable freezer containers or zip top freezer bags


  • 1

    Pour in 3 quarts of water into the pot. Place on heat and warm the water. Bring the water to boil. While the water is getting warm, you have to clean the cobs. Pull off the silk sucks out from the cobs, leaving them all clean and clear.

  • 2

    Put the corn cobs into the boiling water. The water and pot should be enough to cover the corn fully so that all parts are blanched. As soon as you put in the corns, time for five minutes. When the time is over, withdraw the cobs from the boiling water with tongs.

  • 3

    While the corn is boiling, prepare a tub of ice cold water. As soon as you take out the corns, immerse them into this cold water immediately. This process helps in preventing the corn from being overcooked with the blanching.

  • 4

    Place a corn cob on the cutting board. Use a sharp knife to take off the corn in a slicing movement. Initially the corn will not come out separate. They will be attached to the kernels. Do this with all the corn.

  • 5

    Ready re-sealable bags that you can store in the freezer. Put the corns in them and seal. Place in the freezer and use whenever needed. However, do not refreeze once thawed corn.

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