Best Pizza in Northeast Pennsylvania

Northeast Pennsylvania is very well known for its pizza. The small town businesses where just about everything is homemade and extremely fresh is the best food in the world. Here are a few of the best small town Pizzeria’s in Scranton area of PA.

Andy’s Pizza located 528 Main St Peckville, PA. Has a small well known business. There dough made with a beer yeast has a unique and addictive flavor. Although somewhat hidden on a busy main street. This business is always packed to the brim with pizza lovers. For $7 get a tray of pizza that is so irresistible.

Library Pizza located 916 Church St Jessup, PA. This place with its unique name and obviously so, it was an old library taken over and transformed into a pizzeria. This pizza located in the heart of Jessup known for its Italian heritage, has a homemade Italian taste.

Colarusso’s Pizza located100 E Grove St Clarks Summit, PA. This place is smack in the middle of a busy shopping area. When your in a hurry and you want fresh fast pizza try this place.

Cousin Johnny’s Pizza located 1119 Wheeler Ave Scranton, PA. This pizzeria has a homely attitude and very friendly environment. Made quick and fresh with lots of love.

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