How to Use Chopsticks

Using chopsticks is not only difficult, but requires a lot of concentration when you are trying to learn how to use them. Chopsticks are used by Chinese, Japanese and even Korean people in order to eat food. Their food is relatively thicker than other countries and it is easier for them to pick it with two sticks. However, using these two sticks to pick food can get extremely difficult if you don’t practice. Practice will make you perfect if you want to know how to use chopsticks. There is no doubt that once you see someone eating with the help of a chopstick, you wonder how he/she did it. However, despite the fact that it seems complicated, you just need to learn the basics and you will master the art in no time. Just make sure that the chopstick in the bottom remains still and you only use the upper chopstick in order to grab food. These few simple steps can help you guide through the process of using chopsticks.


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    Start off by holding the first chopstick. This one is supposed to be held between your thumb and your middle finger. You must position the stick in such a way that the stick falls on the base of your thumb (joint) and use the lower joint of the middle finger to grab the stick. Whatever you do, make sure that this chopstick does not touch your forefinger.

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    Now it’s time for you to hold the second chopstick in the perfect manner. While holding the first chopstick, grab the second chopstick between your thumb and your forefinger. Make sure that the side of the chopstick is resting right at the tip of your thumb. On the other side, the pad of your forefinger is going to help you grab the chopstick.

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    Once you know how to grab a chopstick, you just need to make sure that the tips of both the chopsticks which you are holding are parallel to each other. This means that there is a little gab between both the chopsticks, so you can grab food with it.

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    Now, in order to practice, simply start moving the chopstick which is held between your thumb and your forefinger. This means that the other chopstick remains still and stationary, while the other chopstick is moving up and down like a jaw.

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    Now use the same technique over a food item and try to grab it.

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    Once you take hold of the food, grab it firmly and move it towards your mouth in order to eat it.

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