Difference Between Subway and Quiznos

Good food is a weakness for most people.

There are different varieties of foods available all over the world and people often like  to experiment with the different kinds. Sandwiches are one form of food that have gained a lot of fame all over the world and have taken a bit of market share from the traditional burgers.

It is hard to resist that grilled chicken on that toasted bread with those yummy sauces and healthy veggies sitting on top of it. The very thought of that makes one salivate and one cannot help but feel like having a nice sub.

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    Subway and Quiznos are two of the top names in the industry when it comes to subs. They are both similar in nature but there are certain differences that make them apart.

    The first major difference is that subway’s main emphasis is on providing low fat and low calorie sandwiches which can help you in losing weight. Quiznos is more about taste and does not worry about packing the subs with ingredients that may be high in calories, though very tasty at the same time.

    The standard size of a subway sandwich is six and twelve inches whereas Quiznos offers eight and twelve inch subs.

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    It is one of the biggest food related franchises in the world. The subs on offer are known for their healthy nature and low calories. There is a standard sub in which the consumer dictates which veggies and sauces will be added. The buyer can get extra meat and cheese added, which obviously increases the caloric count in the sandwich.

    The subs are reasonably priced and in comparison with other fast food options, they are pretty decent. One can certainly eat to his or her filling with a foot long subway sub.

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    These are one of the tastiest sandwiches on earth. The sandwiches are filled with meats and have a lot of sauces that make the taste buds tingle on contact. A consumer can get the veggies of his or her liking and can also dictate which sauces should be put in.

    The prices are slightly higher in comparison with other options that are available in the market but the taste makes it worthwhile. It will certainly fill you whether you eat an eight inch or a foot long sandwich.

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