Best Landscapers in Indianapolis, Indiana: Northern Suburbs

Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers are among the most affluent areas in the United States and they comprise the three suburbs that border the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. There are many homes in these areas that are worth over a million dollars and there are numerous landscaping companies that cater to these home owners as well as the less affluent homeowners who still want their homes to look their best.

Salsbery Brothers located on E. 146th Street in Carmel is arguably the best nursery in town. They have plenty of gardening tips on their web site,, which is very nice and quite unusual. The staff give you personal care both at the on site nursery as well as when you call in a landscaper for an evaluation. They will draw a plan for your yard and if you want to do the installation yourself, that is fine. They will also give you an estimate if you want them to do all the work, or they will piece the estimate out if you want to split the job up. They have very high standards in the people they hire as well as the job that they do and every thing from buying a single plant to an entire landscaping job is guaranteed.

The nursery has a terrific supply of plants, trees and shrubs on site to look at and choose. They also have a very large water feature selection with some quite unusual pieces. The costs are on the high side, but what you get for the price is worth it.

Sundown Gardens, located in Carmel on Old Meridian Road, right off of Meridian St. has bee in business since 1949. They have a large selection at their garden center and they offer a groundskeeper service for those with large properties who want it professionally maintained. They have a talented, experienced staff and plenty of parking in a convenient location. For more information you can visit their web site at

Vine and Branch also located on 146th St, just east of Salsbery Brothers in Carmel has been in business since 1976. They are experts in trees and shrubs so if you are having tree issues or need just the right tree for a certain spot this is where you should go. Not every tree will work in every location and planting a tree is a big decision and big expense so making sure you get the right one is very important. Vine and Branch is located is a lovely old building but does not offer much selection to view on site. You can see their offerings at their web site:

Allisonville Nursery is located on Allisonville Rd in Fishers. They have a large selection of plants as well as outdoor decorative items. They occasionally have parking lot issues if it is a busy Saturday, and there is no parking on Allisonville Road so if you go, try to get there at a less than popular time. The parking situation is not good on busy days. They offer many specials in various printed as well as electronic publications. For more information you can visit their nursery at

Rail Trail in Zionsville is a wee bit hard to find but really worth the trip. Located more or less out in the boondocks, it is right next to a walking trail that was converted from an old unused rail bed, thus the name. Rail Trail has a large indoor setting and is open year round. They have plenty of plants outdoors in the summer as well. They sell outdoor furniture, as well as lovely outdoor accessories. Their items are very, very nice. In the winter Rail Trail sells Christmas trees and Christmas greenery.

They also offer terrific specials and if you join their Happy Gardening e-club you will receive coupons that are the best I have seen, they are extremely generous. I have seen a flat $30 off coupon with no minimum purchase amount. If you buy something for $30.01, you only have to pay $.01; definitely worth the drive. You can visit their web site at

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