Protect Your Home with a Guard Dog

Having a home security system today is very important. According to the FBI, a US home burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds. Surveillance and security alarms are readily available and offer a certain amount of protection, but guard dogs have been used to fend off intruders for many generations.

Burgers and thieves may find ways to defeat security systems by disabling them or avoiding them, but they will find it very difficult to overcome a vicious dog that is trained to fend off intruders. Once these dogs sense someone is entering a property they should not, they can unleash vicious bites and injuries to scare off a burglar.

People often wonder what kind of guard dog they should get. Doing proper research on the history and the species of the dog is recommended. Some dogs may have already been trained in defense, and they would be an ideal candidate. According to users from Yahoo Answers, the Fila breed would be an ideal choice. They are great because you simply train the dog manners, and the rest comes naturally. Pit Bulls and Dobermans are also great choices as they are known for being vicious towards intruders. However, many kinds of dogs will do, because their main job would be to bark loud and alert others around that an intruder is around.

Some guard dogs are kept mainly indoors and some mainly outdoors. If you keep a dog indoors, make sure that you keep a good supply of food and water, and they will be there when you are not at home. Having a doggie door or an easy exit for the dog to go outside is also ideal, as they can use the bathroom outside and sniff around the yard for anyone that should not be there. If you plan on keeping the dog outdoors, make sure that your yard has a strong fence so they dog understands the property he is protecting. A dog house and roaming privileges are ideal for a guard dog.

You may want to check your local paper or yellow pages for local breeders. Some people in your town may raise dogs specifically for this purpose. You can also check with your local animal shelter on getting a dog for home protection, as they may have some, or can notify you when they get one.

A guard dog can not only be beneficial for protecting your home and loved ones, but they can also be a great friend. Many families even consider them another child. If you are looking for a great way to protect your home and family, a loving guard dog would be a great choice!

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