Best Landscaping Companies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It is the sixth most populous city, and the fifth largest metropolitan area by population in the United States. According to the Wikipedia, it is also the 49th most populous city in the world. Philadelphia has its fair share of homes and buildings with big lawns that need professional maintenance. With the arrival of summer, home and business owners are paying more attention to the necessity of lawn care. However, as an old city dictated by its population, Philadelphia had introduced row houses in the 1800s. In fact, in the past row houses built elsewhere in the United States were known as “Philadelphia rows”. Such setting of the city has resulted in many neighborhoods with sidewalks stretching over miles at a time. The major hindrance to the activity of the city results from snowfall which is normal due to its location in the Northeast region of the country. As a result, the city of Philadelphia requires year-long landscape maintenance. Whether you are a home or business owner in Philadelphia, it is important for you to maintain a listing of professional landscaping companies with specific needs in mind. Not all companies offer all services. At the same time, not every company specializes in all fields and / or have the resources to meet your needs. Here, I will provide you with the list of a few companies based on the information that I have compiled after thorough research.

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #1 : Cenova, Inc.

Cenova was formed through the merger between Four Seasons Landscaping & Tree Service Inc., Kenilworth Management Corporation and Turf Plus Inc. The combined group brings over 100 years’ industry experience in snow management, and 65 years in Landscaping – servicing nearly 450 commercial sites.

Cenova Inc. offers individual services, or complete four season programs including Snow Plowing and Removal, Ice Management, Landscape Design, Irrigation Management and complete exterior facility maintenance. However, though this company offers landscaping, its main stronghold is in the snow & ice solutions.

Address : 2745 W. Allegheny Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19132-1228 (Map)
Phone : (215) 225 – 4370
Year Started : 2004
Est. Annual Sales : $3,000,000
Est. Employees : 125
Est. Employees at Location : 125
Contact Name : Harry Scott (Title : President)

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #2 : Synterra Ltd.

Synterraprovides wide range of services to both individuals and businesses with focus on site/landscape architecture, construction/project management, development planning, environmental analysis, programming and master planning, recreational planning and design, urban design, and community interface.

I have included the company web site. It is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive information about the company including introduction to its main team (which consists of 14 members).

According to my evaluation, this company can best suit the needs of businesses or organizations that are looking at big scale maintenance.

Address : 628 W. Rittenhouse St. #2,
Philadelphia, PA 19144-4303 (Map)
Phone : (215) 843 – 0700
Year Started : 1972
Est. Annual Sales : $1,200,000
Est. Employees : 22
Est. Employees at Location : 14
Contact Name : Myrna Toro (Title : President) Or email:

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #3 : Superior Landscaping Company

This is another company that handles all sorts of landscaping and snow issues and has both individuals and organizations among its customer base. However, if you check the information that I could gather, compared to its high sales volume, the number of employees at any given time is too low. Therefore, I would assume you have to have a contract in place to get immediate attention. For any emergency situation, the wait period might be longer than anticipated.

Address : 6625 Callowhill St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19151-4014 (Map)
Phone : (215) 474 – 2315
Year Started : 1997
Est. Annual Sales : $1,600,000
Est. Employees : 24
Est. Employees at Location : 4
Contact Name : Adrian Salinas (Title : President)

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #4 : Andropogon Associates Ltd

Andropogon’s services include regional planning, site analysis, master planning, storm water management, landscape architecture and site management with ecological restoration, and innovative storm water management techniques.

This company takes pride in providing landscaping service which is environment friendly.

Address : 10 Shurs Ln Fl 2,
Philadelphia, PA 19127-2123 (Map)
Phone : (215) 487 – 0700
Year Started : 1975
Est. Annual Sales : $1,300,000
Est. Employees : 27
Est. Employees at Location : 27
Contact Name : Jose Alminana (Title : President) Or Liz Kulkarni at :

This company is scheduled to launch a new and comprehensive web site during the summer of 2008 (no specific date has been provided).

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #5 : Do It All Landscape

This is one of the low end group of landscaping companies that I looked up. The purpose was to see if I could offer you with the information for individuals that are on strict budget. As you can see, this company’s resources seem to be pretty thin. How efficiently can the company work with only 2 employees on board ? My guess is that you will be waiting for eternity for them to respond to an emergency. Looking for better deals do not always pay off and this might be the perfect example of that.

Address : 9415 Bustleton Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19115-4301 (Map)
Phone : (215) 380 – 2500
Year Started : N/A (Could not find this information)
Est. Annual Sales : $94,000
Est. Employees : 2
Est. Employees at Location : 2
Contact Name : N/A (Could not find the information)

Landscaping company in Philadelphia : #6 : Apartments Landscaping Inc.

This company provides all ranges of landscaping and snow removal service for ONLY apartment complexes. The company is located within the city and is fully insured according to its advertisement. I could find very little information on this company. Your best bet will be to call the number below and find out the rest of the information.

Address : (Could not find the information)
Phone : (267) 231 – 7799
Contact Name : N/A (Could not find the information)

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Disclaimer :

Some of the information have been taken from the individual web sites.

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