Best Online Texas Hold’em Sites

When it comes to Texas hold’em there are a million online places to play but not all of them meet the standards for us real hold’em players. If you want good play with an easy interface and great environment then the number of online sites is narrowed down to two websites. The best two websites are and

Out of these sites my favorite is, they have the best graphics and so many different games to play and you can download and install their software to your machine. Their website is easy to navigate and very user friendly. Actually ripped off the graphics from, which as a web developer I don’t like that at all but I don’t blame them, has the edge in the graphics department.

Pokerroom offers Pokah School to teach the new players the rules of the games so they can be more affective while playing and not slow down the game for the experienced players. Pokerroom also gives you the option to have what they call a pokah page with your biography and photo. Also they allow users to post in a forum and have a lot of information on their website that I enjoy. It allows you to interact with other players and learn the game. I also like how the site separates the games into levels of cost. And my favorite is the tournament play; this is the best place to play tournaments.

At pokerroom you can play with real money or with play money it’s up to you. They do offer rooms for you gamblers but I tend to stay away from online gambling there are too many scams run by people that could potentially rip you off. But if you like you can try it and who knows you might be able to win some fast cash.

Pokerroom gets a five chip rating, stellar graphics (so good they were stolen), great game play, so many tables to choose from, and bio pages and forums make this the best site around. With both a web based environment and the ability to install the game on your machine makes this by far the best and easiest poker site to use.

Partypoker is another good hold’em poker site with many users where you can always find a competitive game. Partypoker only has a downloadable version you can install on your machine and logon through a GUI (graphical user interface) for anyone who isn’t a computer nerd. That was one aspect I didn’t like about partypoker, if I am at work I can’t just logon to the website and play I would have to run the risk of installing the program on my machine. And sprint might get mad if they knew they were paying me to play poker.

Partypoker has the most scheduled poker tournaments out of any of the three sites. So if you are a major tournament player for cash this is the site you will want to join. This site I trust more for the cash play only because my friend is an avid member and has won some big money here. I still know that there is a risk for some kind of scam but I am a little more apt to trust this site.

Partypoker also offers poker school so you new comers can learn the rules and be more affective when you get to your table. I like that they offer classes and tutorials that makes it better for everyone, because now the new players know the rules and don’t slow down the playing.

I would give partypoker a three chip rating, the game has decent graphics and good game play, but the lack of a web based interface brings them down a little. But for someone only looking to play at home and in tournaments for some cash this site is for you.

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