Best Restaurants in Manchester, New Hampshire

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire is a city on the rise. With the expanding airport and the influx of population, it is no surprise that businesses and restaurants are also flocking to the area. This article will showcase the best of the best, both new and old, chain and privately owned restaurants, expensive, mid-range, and cheap. No matter what you fancy, it is here.

Best Mexican Restaurant:
Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse
1050 Bicentennial Drive
Manchester, NH 03104

Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse began as a family owned restaurant and has since spread as a chain around New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The food is fantastic and the service is always excellent. The menu has a big variety including a large selection of vegetarian options. For those who do not like Mexican food, the restaurant also offers up a selection of American cuisine and sandwiches. One of the best aspects of Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse is the drink menu. The margaritas are unbeatable and they also offer a selection of their own specialty drinks that are a definite must-try. The atmosphere is family friendly and cozy. The staff brings freshly made tortilla chips and salsa to the table to munch on while deciding what to order and waiting for the food. A favorite of pretty much everyone is the espinaca con queso, a cheese dip with hot peppers, tomatoes, onions, and spinach. Be warned, it is highly addictive. Shorty’s also provides a take-out service. The prices vary from the inexpensive to the mid-range. The Mexican food at Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse is unsurpassed; making it the best Mexican restaurant is Manchester.

Best Family Restaurant:
T.G.I. Friday’s
1516 South Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

T.G.I. Friday’s is a worldwide restaurant and therefore provides an excellent menu is taste and variety. What makes it the best family restaurant is the fun atmosphere where children don’t need to be hushed for speaking loudly. The children’s menu also has a large variety to satisfy the even pickiest of eaters. The adult menu has huge selection, including the famous Jack Daniel’s Grill portion if the menu. The menu also includes several healthy options including low fat and low carb selections. The bar at T.G.I. Friday’s is also a great place for adults to unwind and the drink service is exceptional. Between the laid back atmosphere, the incredible food selection, and the moderate pricing for such great food, T.G.I. Friday’s is by far the best family restaurant in Manchester.

Best Chinese Restaurant:
New Wa Toy
611 Mast Rd.
Manchester, NH 03102
New Wa Toy is a little known Chinese Restaurant unless you live on the West side of Manchester. The locals love this Chinese cuisine. The restaurant itself is small and inviting with comfortable seating and friendly service. The menu offers all of the cuisine one expects to find in a Chinese restaurant. The difference is in the taste. New Wa Toy somehow manages to sustain the flavor without an excess amount of grease. After eating the food, your stomach is not left feeling too heavy. The rice is always cooked to perfection and if you are a fan of crab rangoon then do not miss the opportunity to try it at New Wa Toy. The prices are on par with other Chinese restaurants, neither more nor less expensive. The restaurant is privately owned. Most of New Wa Toy’s business is done through take-out, however they do deliver as well. The amazing food and exceptional service make New Wa Toy stand out at the best Chinese restaurant in Manchester.

Best Italian Restaurant:
Fratello’s Ristorante Italiano
155 Dow St
Manchester, NH 03101

Fratello’s Ristorante Italiano is a privately owned restaurant with only two other locations. Fratello’s provides an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic date. The upstairs features a live piano player and bar. The downstairs is more family friendly where some of the customers can see directly into the kitchen. The food is authentically Italian and the portions are large enough to take some home and enjoy it again. The desserts are fresh and also authentically Italian, can you say cannoli? The menu has several seafood, salad, and beef options in addition to the Italian cuisine. The wait staff is always prompt and courteous, well dressed and knowledgeable about the food and drinks. The food and the atmosphere at Fratello’s make it the best Italian restaurant in Manchester.

Best Pizza Shop:
Pizza Market
670 Mast Rd.
Manchester, NH 03102

Pizza Market is a privately owned pizza shop with several shops open in and around the Manchester area. The pizza is oversized and can easily feed an entire family on one pizza. The pizza is perfectly greasy and perfectly tasty. They also offer a variety of subs and salads that are just as good. It is easy to tell that the ingredients are always fresh. The best part about such incredible food is the price. Pizza Market completely undercuts all the corporate pizza and sub shops while providing better tasting food. They also deliver which of course is always convenient. They also provide for events, which can be a cheaper way to feed a lot of people. The shop has very little seating, so it is carryout or delivery only. Pizza Market provides the best tasting pizza, subs, and salads for the lowest price, making it the best pizza place in Manchester.
Best Family Owned Restaurant:
761 Mast Rd.
Manchester, NH 03102

Ollie’s is a rare find whether in Manchester or not. Ollie’s is a family owned and run restaurant. The atmosphere is laid-back and a great place to bring children. The food is an eclectic variety so there is something for everyone. Ollie’s is locally famous for their chicken fingers. All the food is prepared fresh and it is easy to tell as much when you eat it. The prices are also unbeatable. Most meals come with bread and a soup or salad, plus an overwhelming amount of food for the entrÃ?©e. Ollie’s is a place where the locals go regularly to unwind and have a good, home cooked meal. This makes Ollie’s the best family owned restaurant in Manchester.

Best Steakhouse:
Longhorn Steakhouse
1580 South Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

Longhorn Steakhouse is a national chain and serves the best steak in Manchester. The steak at Longhorn is always cooked perfectly to order and seasoned perfectly to taste. The meat is tender and juicy. For those who aren’t big beef eaters, there are several chicken, seafood, and salad options. These options are also just as tasty. Most of the entrÃ?©e’s come with soup or salad and every table receives delicious warm bread prior to the meal. One of the best items on the menu is the loaded cheese fries, just be careful not to fill up on them because you will want to dig into your steak when it arrives. The atmosphere at Longhorn’s is great for families. It is slightly on the louder side and provides tons of interesting things on the walls to look at. The wait staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. The food has a quick turnaround time, so you can head in hungry and know that you won’t have to wait too long for your food. As anyone would expect from a good steak, the prices at Longhorn are mid-range. They also offer lower priced meals for cheaper cuts of steak as well as the non-beef options. The steak at Longhorn steakhouse is beyond compare, making it the best steakhouse in Manchester.

Best High-End Restaurant:
75 Arms Park Drive
Manchester, NH 03101

Cotton is an upscale restaurant situated in one of the old mill buildings in Manchester. The food is gourmet American cuisine. The menu is somewhat limited due to the fact that they offer only gourmet fare. The atmosphere is wonderful for an evening out on a date or with a group of friends. It is sophisticated and charming. The mill building structure has been restored to look both historic and modern. The food, as is to be expected, is phenomenal. Most of the menu consists of meat dishes so there are few options for vegetarians. The wine list is exceptional. This is not a place to bring young children. The price is in accordance with gourmet food and so is on the more expensive end, however they do offer moderately priced dishes as well. The food, atmosphere, and service make it worth every penny. This makes Cotton the best high-end restaurant in Manchester.

Best Bar:
50 Phillippe Cote St
Manchester, NH 03101

Jillian’s is the best bar in Manchester. The drinks, of course, are always great, but there is more to Jillian’s than just the liquor. Jillian’s offers a lot of entertainment. There are several very nice pool tables as well as darts and even a few arcade games. There are also several big screen televisions to watch sports games on. There is often live entertainment on the weekends as well. Jillian’s also provides a full menu. The atmosphere in Jillian’s is laid back and fun. Everyone has a great time at Jillian’s, making it the best bar in Manchester.

Each of these restaurants in Manchester, New Hampshire provides a unique dining experience. While in Manchester, it is guaranteed that you will never be hungry.

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