Best Thai, Italian and Chinese Delivery in Brentwood

Let me just say how much I enjoy dinning out, however, when you’ve just come home from the gym and you want to cheat without anyone knowing, you can order delivery. Poof, food will arrive withen the hour, and everyone’s happy. Brentwood has about as many Chinese and Thai restaurants as China Town NYC. It’s crazy, but you do get fast service and good food. The place that I’m most fond of is Fantastic Wok.

Fantastic Wok – Chinese and Japanese


This menu is huge with everything from your basic Beef Broccoli, to ginormous sushi platters. Another great thing is that they delivery beer, always helpful when you’ve had to much to even hazard a walk to the store. The menu also is health friendly, with many low fat items and an array of vegetables. The only bad thing is, that everytime it gets delivered, it’s the same guy, so he knows exactly how addicted to the stuff you are. Also, ask for extra soy sauce as they are a might stingy with it.

Next, we move to Thai food, namely, the Westwood Thai cafe, not ver imaginative, but gets the point accross.

Westwood Thai Cafe


This place is also fast and well priced. There are a number of “special combinations” priced at 5.95, and include fried rice, and either an egg roll and fried wantons, or a salad. Like anyone would order a salad over fried wantons, although this is L.A. The menu offers tradtional favorites, such as, Teriyaki chicken, Mongolian beef, and anything with Snow Peas. There are also a ton of different rice and noodle bowls, like roasted duck fried rice, or Pad Thai noodles. Curries are also available as well as an assortment of seafood entrees. My personal favorite however, is their Tom Kar Kai soup. This is a tad bit spicy but nothing you can’t handle. It has chicken, mushrooms, and coconut milk in it. I suggest the large bowl as it is highly addictive. And, ok, for all you who do actually crave salad, weird, there are many excellent choices, ten to be exact.

And now, on to my favorite type of food, Italian. Not to be biased, but I lived in Italy, so I have pretty high standards. Pazzo Pizzeria is a great place to begin.

Pazzo Pizzeria


This place has got everything, thick crust, New York style, pasta, and calzones. The best thing about this place is their toppings, they have all the basics, but also, gourmet toppings like, broccoli, jalapenos, and artichoke hearts. You can also get the New York by the slice. The pasta isn’t bad either. My pick is the Penne arrabbiata. So good, way spicy. The Lasagna is also one way to go, I prefer the meat over the veggi. They also have a large assortment of sandwiches like Caprese, or chicken parmigiana. Good stuff all around, and yes, they too have salads.

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