How to Eat Octopus Tentacles

Whenever you place an order for octopus in a restaurant you will normally be served the tentacles as well. Know that these are very tasty but difficult to eat as they are really chewy. You can prepare and have the octopus at home in order to eat it fresh. On the other hand, you can also freely taste the other parts of the octopus along with the tentacles and see what suits your taste buds.

Things Required:

– Fresh octopus meat
– Flour or fish dry batter
– Egg whites
– Spices
– Olive oil, lemon, marinara sauce and tartar sauce
– Red wine, vinegar and glass jar with tight fitting lid


  • 1

    Purchase fresh octopus

    Buy the freshest octopus that you find in the market. You can usually get the parts of an octopus that you want at most good seafood markets. Be aware of the fact that tentacles are great appetizers and a treat for food lovers. Moreover, the head parts like the siphon and mantle are very tender and can be prepared easily. Do not refrain from the eyes as a number of people believe they are the tastiest part of the octopus.

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    Further instructions

    Boil the octopus meat in salty water for at least 35 minutes or until the colour becomes dark purple. You can add salt in as much quantity as you want depending on the amount of octopus meat you are cooking. This is important for tentacles as they are chewy and as a result, you need to cook them properly to make them easy to eat. Also, precooking will make the tentacles less chewy. Deep fry precooked octopus for a lovely appetizer. You should deep fry the tentacles in a deep fryer or wok until they get golden brown. Prepare deep fried octopus with classic marinara, lemon or tartar sauce.

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    Brown precooked octopus tentacles

    Precook octopus by adding two pounds of sliced meat to a fryer with eight tablespoons of olive oil, 150 ml of red wine, six tablespoons of red wine vinegar, four bay leaves, two teaspoons of dried oregano and one big chopped tomato. Then brown it for an hour and put water and wine when it dries. You can eat the tentacles with garlic bread, salad and rice. Another great option is to pickle the precooked meat and store it in a jar for future use.

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