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There are a few sites out there floating on the world wide web that are looking for writers and want to pay you for your work. Okay, I know that sounds too good to be true – to blog and make money. Associated Content is one of them and may be the best in terms of turn around time and getting paid. Another site where you can get paid for your writing is, which allows users to make a personal homepage on which they can write commentary, articles, and can link to other news articles that they find interesting. Users receive 90% of the ad revenue from their pages. That sounds like a lot, but unless you create a very popular page, promote it, and put in the time to update it, you might not make much money. But if you like keeping up with the news, it may be worthwhile to check out this site. You may be able to make some money from your blog and have fun in the process.

One site that looks promising is, which is an online community of people who like to write. You can set up an account quickly and start writing immediately (as in right now if you want to. Sign up here! ). It is formatted like a blog, so you can write very short or very long entries. You have total control and freedom to write whatever you want to. There are a lot of fiction and poetry entries as well as short articles and opinion pieces. You can write about anything.

Xomba bills itself first and foremost as a community where people who like to write can write and comment on other’s writing. Entries can also be scored on a scale of one to ten by readers. Users gain points for each entry they upload as well as for leaving comments and scoring other articles. People with the highest point totals can win prizes. It is relatively new and I estimate that there are less than 2000 members at this point. But it is growing every day.

An added bonus is that you can make money from your blog from the advertisements on your pages. If you are familiar with google adsense, then you already basically know how this works. Adsense is google’s advertising program, which is very prevalent on the web. Almost any site you visit will have some adsense advertisements on it. They are very simple, usually just two or three lines of text promoting a product or service that relates to the content of the site. The owner of the site on which these ads are posted earns some money through the google adsense program for each time someone clicks on the ads. So bloggers can get paid to write. Popular bloggers with multiple sites can make some decent money.

The way it works on Xomba is the ad revenue is split 50/50. Half of the ads on your site are registered to the website, the other half are registered to you. When someone clicks on your ads, you make money. Now it’s nothing to quit your day job over, but it is a nice bonus to get paid something for doing something you enjoy.

Again, your blogs can be about whatever you want. Genres range from short stories, to poetry, to political commentary, to articles, to interesting news. Get paid to write fiction? Amazing. I have been a member for a few weeks and it has been fun to write and receive feedback and comments on my blogs.

There is also a referral program if you want to invite friends or acquaintances to join Xomba. When you refer someone, you get 10% of the ad revenue from Xomba. The 10% comes from Xomba’s portion of revenue, not the new user. The person who is referred still gets 50% of all ad revenue. I think it’s a fun website to write for. I haven’t made any money yet, but then again, I just started writing. The more content you produce, the more likely you are to make money.

If you want to start writing, you just need to sign up at Xomba. And if you want to make some money, you can sign up for a google adsense account, which is a very simple process. You can connect directly to adsense from Xomba. A quick thing about adsense: when you sign up, you get a personal code that you can post on any site that you own or can gain ad revenue from. It is your code and no one else has access to it. You are also paid directly from the google adsense program.

If you like what you here, join Xomba here.
Or just take a look and read some interesting articles. Good luck and keep writing.

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