Using Google’s New Calendar Function

Sometime in the last month, Google integrated the new calendar function into the Gmail, mail service. Finally, I have a cohesive communication devise that will insert appointments and agreements I have made into my calendar.

I have tried Outlook over the years, on and off, and have never been quite satisfied. I find the download function annoying and sometimes I do not want to stop and close a reminder window that popped up when I was trying to type an email. In addition, it does not allow me to send some emails and I have no idea why.

I have tried using Yahoo’s calendar function over the years but useless items are inserted into my calendar that I could care less about like the birthdays of people from my yahoo groups. I hate the fact that I have to take extra steps to clean these out.

With that said, I have to admit to not knowing about all the quirks about Google’s calendar service yet. However, from what I do knowâÂ?¦. I like it!

Here is how easy it is to use. I made a phone call to set a tutoring assessment with my son’s new tutor. She gave me her email address to send my home address to her. I went into my Gmail box and selected the COMPOSE option. I wrote a quick note and noticed a calendar button with text next to it that said of text that said add event info. I selected it and answered the questions; Event: what are you doing, where are you going, WHERE: in my case my home, and WHEN: allows you to fill out the date and time buttons. In the normal TO: section, entered the tutors email address, my husbands email address (FYI), my sons email address, and my daughters email address (as this event affects her time too), and then sent the email.

Instantly an email landed in my Google inbox confirming the event and the attendees (the people who I sent the email to). It was then that I noticed that maybe I had not sent my son the email after all. But it was OK. I just hit the add invitee button, inserted the email and hit send. Now all I have to do is wait for feedback from my invitees when they read the emails and confirm that they will “attend” or not. This is soooo cool. I am so glad Google slipped another great function into an already awesome service.

In summation, here is how you use Gmail’s new Calendar service:

2. fill in TOO function
3. fill in SUBJECT function
4. choose ADD EVENT button (tiny calendar button ) to the right of attach a file icon
5. fill in EVENT
6. fill in WHERE
7. fill in WHEN information
8. add a not to the email box
9. choose SEND
10. Read email confirmation to ensure you the correct information to the correct people.

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