Radio Advertising at the Next Level With OnTheRadio.Net

The radio industry makes millions of dollars from advertising. Radio is a great form of media to advertise on because most people sits and listens to the advertisements, although not intently, rather than change the channel. Unfortunately, many listeners that hear an advertisement that they are interested in forgets the company, phone number or product name. This is no longer a problem for those that have internet access.

On the Radio .net is a new way for listeners to refresh the commercial’s info. All anyone has to do is fill out a short form to pinpoint the commercial they are looking for. Questions concern the area it was played, approximate day or time, AM/FM frequency and the general category such as healthcare or automotive.

In order for the system to work well, radio stations and the advertisers need to be registered with On The Radio .Net. As with all things in business, once proven effective everyone will be doing it. The website also displays ads from clients in the sidebar. On The Radio .Net is the added advantage for advertisers, so what is the incentive for the public, other than finding commercial information?

The site is growing to include radio station play lists. Ever hear a song you liked, but didn’t know what the title or artist name was? Soon, it will be easy to find out. The play-lists from individual radio stations will be available, making it easy to narrow down the suspect.

For now, the site gives the top sellers and newest releases list in their song section. These songs are listed by title, artist names, album title and price of purchasing the song or album from iTunes.

Another useful feature is the radio station finder. Give the system a zip code or state and city and type of music wanted, and they will find a radio station from among their registered stations. This is helpful for families new to the area, travelers, or even to someone just looking for a new spot to jam.

On The Radio .Net has been up and running since October of 2004. Don Vincent Preziosi, CEO, is the originator of this advertising strategy. Currently there is 13,000 radio stations listed in the database, and the site receives 20,000-25,000 visitors a day. So far, advertisers are being slow about joining, which is sure to change after companies see others have success in this program.

These helpful tools is bringing the customer one step closer to the advertiser while giving the advertiser more bang for their buck. Radio stations receive six months free service, so that they can see just how great the services are. So advertisers, are you ready to step up to the next level?

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