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Need a site that gives you everything you’re looking for and then some? Try Infoplease – your online source for knowledge and facts. When you bookmark Infoplease you’ll have world info, history and government facts, arts and entertainment, and even more, right at your fingertips. Great for students and teachers, Infoplease is a site that contains something for anyone and everyone.

Whether you’re interested in reading about what’s going on in the world today, or you’re wanting to find a fact about this day in history, you’ll find the information you want and need at Infoplease. The site offers resources for students, teachers, or just people who want to read more about a particular person or subject.

The site features a ‘word of the day’, the latest in sports information, and even games or quizzes for kids. There’s a biography of the day, or you can search through 30,000 biographies to find the one you want. Find time lines for people, places and things in the world, like the Space Shuttle, al-Qaeda, or even Lance Armstrong.

You’ll find chronologies, travel tips, shark facts, a current calendar, periodic tables, conversion tools and tons of other info. Need an almanac? Infoplease has got it. Need an atlas? Look no further than Infoplease. There you’ll find a dictionary, encyclopedias, crossword puzzles, world capitals, ‘Did you know?’ facts, polls, and the latest updates on Sudoku.

Find weather facts, the astronomical outlook, facts on World Cup, today’s famous birthdays, a thesaurus, and the latest in the business world. No matter what kind of information you need or want, you’ll find it at Infoplease.

Infoplease has a search engine that is very impressive. No matter what subject you type into the search, you’ll find articles that pertain to the info you want. Interested in society and culture? Health and science? There’s a ton of info in any of those categories. There’s also a homework center that’s very helpful for any age group.

Check out the career center to find employers or employees, the college center to find scholarships and grants, or visit pages to find travel statistics, city info, country facts, and world-travel tips.

Websites that contain vast amounts of info provide a real service to people who don’t want to spend hours searching for the information they want or need. Bookmark Infoplease and you’ll find a wealth of information whenever you need it.

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