Difference Between Body Sugaring and Waxing

Although women desire it more, men these days also desire to remove hair permanently from their bodies for a smoother and softer touch. There are various treatments available for this purpose but not every treatment is suitable for particular skin types and you might start suffering from other skin problems. Sugaring and waxing are the two most commonly and most effectively used hair removal treatments offered by day spas and salons. The results of these two techniques are pretty much the same but the ingredients used in sugaring and waxing are quite different.

Both of these hair removal methods involve using natural ingredients which have adhesive properties, so that hair can be plucked out from their roots. Sugaring is done with a compound which contains sugar, lemon and water, forming up thick paste like gel which is applied to the skin.

As its name suggests, waxing involves melting a block of wax into liquid and applying it to the skin. Cotton stripes are then placed upon the liquid wax and when it solidifies, the strips are ripped off, plucking the hair out from the skin.


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    The different between the procedures of these two methods makes sugaring more attractive for women if they haven’t gone through any of the procedure before. The sugaring paste is spread over the areas of the body requiring hair removal and the adhesiveness in the paste causes it to cling together with the follicles. Sugaring paste don’t sticks to the skin but only hair follicles, causing less discomfort afterwards. Any redness in the skin after the hair removal won’t happen in this method, as sugar gives soothing effect to your skin. The results of sugaring will last between two weeks to two month, depending upon the speed of hair growth in different persons. You can also purchase a sugaring kit from your local drug store for doing it yourself and it will cost less than $30.

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    Waxing begins by melting a block of wax and applying a thin layer of it on the skin while the liquid is still hot. Pouring hot wax may cause redness to your skin. Many cloth or paper strips will be then placed upon hot wax and then pulled off after it solidifies, bringing the hair out from their roots. Waxing can be performed at any area of your body, including lip area, brows, chest, back, legs and bikini line. The results of waxing also prevail for two weeks to two months before you might need to do it again. Waxing kits, like Surgi-Wax, Moom, Nads and Moujan 2000, can be purchased from any drugstore and it will cost you between $5 to $11.

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