Boxing: Too Pretty; Is Mayweather Too Cute to Get Hit?

Boxing’s best:

The #1 pound 4 pound fighter in boxing, Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains at the top of his game in the boxing world. Floyd, (36-0 24KOs) is regarded by many as the best pound for pound fighter of this boxing era. He’s captured gold at some of boxing’s most glamorous divisions of super-featherweight (130lb), lightweight (135lb), junior-welterweight (140lb) and welterweight (147lb). Mayweather continues to display spectacular performances that make many question if there is anyone capable of giving Mayweather a run for his millions. At age 29, Mayweather is still very young in the sport of boxing.

Floyd’s chances at Junior-middleweight (154lbs)

Junior middleweight offers plenty of risky opportunities for Mayweather. The fact that Floyd is making the jump north from 147-154lbs would call for extreme excitement. Fighters at 154lbs are switching from 8oz to 10oz gloves, a little bit bigger than welterweight and some of these boys can pop. Here are some of the names that have been mentioned against
Mayweather at 154.

Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright (50-3-1 25 KOs) could give Mayweather problems. His defensive technique and lighting fast hands could challenge Floyd if he decided to be the aggressor. Winky is 2.5 inches taller, has a longer reach and always finds a way to make his style work. Not to mention, he is a very gifted southpaw who has already proven himself in the boxing world.

Oscar De La Hoya (38-4 30 KOs) presents a threat because of his strength. De La Hoya would possibly be the underdog but not by a long shot. The fact is that, although Oscar isn’t quite at his peak as he once was, if he catches Floyd flush, Mayweather will no longer be called, “Pretty Boy.”

Sugar’ Shane Mosley (42-4 36 KO’s) If anybody could give Mayweather trouble, it would be this guy right here. Shane, 34, is quite the fighter to offer problems for a fighter like Mayweather. Many look at the 2 losses to Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright and write off Mosley as ‘washed up.’ Mosley is a fantastic fighter with great hand speed and punching power. He’s a pretty well schooled boxer with a lot of experience. Mayweather-Mosley would present a Pay Per View extravangza.

‘Ferocious’ Fernando Vargas (26-3 22 KOs) Fernando, 27, is an explosive puncher. One punch from Vargas could send Mayweather away in some pain. Vargas isn’t quite the technician of a fighter like Mayweather, but he’s got the war scars and will risk anything to land those heavy hands of his.

Vernon Forrest (37-2 28KOs) Vernon Forrest is an authentic and well schooled fighter. Forrest would offer Mayweather problems; primarily his jab. It’s a long, pinpointed and educated shot that makes his record stand so true today. Forrest hasn’t particularly proven himself well against wild and sluggish fighters, but fighters of shorter height fall victim to his wilderness.

Cory ‘Next Generation’ Spinks (34-3 11KOs) Since his 9th round TKO loss to Zab Judah in February of 2005, Cory Spinks has made the jump from 147lbs to 154lbs. Spinks has an awkward southpaw style that can be a difficult puzzle for any top contender who doesn’t bring his A game.

Kassim ‘The Dream’ Ouma (24-2-1 15KOs) The dream’s southpaw style may present a problem or two for Floyd, maybe not so much as a Winky. However, I still believe Ouma’s name should be mentioned amongst this list.

Floyd’s opportunities at welterweight (147lbs)

Ahh yes, welterweight is loaded with plenty of opportunity for Floyd jr. Floyd look brilliant in his last two bouts at 147lbs. A 6th round stoppage of Sharmba Mitchell and a 12-round decision over Zab Judah is concrete enough to keep Floyd up top.

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley (42-4 36KOs) Yes, I know I mentioned Shane before. Shane is still capable of making 147lbs. Mosley at 147lb or 154lb will still cause problems for the Pretty boy.

Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton (41-0 30 KOs) He’s strong and sure can take one hell of a shot! Infact, many believe that Ricky’s style may be just the type to give Floyd more trouble than he’s had in his career thus far. Hatton is a face forward, in your face fighter who doesn’t give you any punching room to get off your best shots. Hatton’s only worry is his lack of defensive skills. If he can beef up his defense just a bit he may be the one to hand Floyd his first L.

Carlos Baldomir (42-9-6 12KOs) He’s untested, virtually unknown and has nine defeats. Why is he on this list? Well, he just recently defeated Zab Judah for the WBC version of the 147lb title in embarrassing fashion. If Baldomir can get past Arturo Gatti on July 22nd, he may have a shot.

Carlos Quintana (23-0 18KOs) He looked great on HBO’s Boxing after dark serious against undefeated prospect Joel Julio. He may not be quite ready for Floyd right now, but give him some time and this young southpaw will be a champion at 147lbs.

Antonio Margarito (33-4 24KOs) Tony is a big welterweight, one of the biggest in this class. Spectators are inhumanly criticizing Mayweather for ducking this fight. Numerous interviewers have questioned Floyd about making this fight happen. It’s a fight that doesn’t offer much interest to him at the moment. Mayweather’s eyes have been on Oscar De La Hoya; hoping he’ll get a chance to fight the golden boy. With De La Hoya deciding not to face Mayweather in September, Margarito still awaits in the back of Pretty Boy’s mind.

Miguel Angel Cotto (27-0 22KOs) Cotto continues to rise through the boxing rates in dramatic intervals. He was a vicious puncher at 140lbs, annihilating 22 of his victims in knockout style. Recently he’s been in talks of making the jump 7lbs north to 147lbs at full welterweight. A small wince of an idea of this fight happening would get media attention all around the globe.

Mayweather gets much credit in his career. He’s defeated many great fighters along the way. He is without a doubt the best fighter in the game today. Floyd really has a lot of options here on the table for him to decide. Maybe not Oscar, but many fighters are interested in getting a piece of Floyd Mayweather Jr. His next fight is scheduled in early November; so far an opponent hasn’t been named. I am guessing it’ll be someone from this list, and on HBO pay per view.

I am sure I’ll be there!

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