Can the Packers Win Without Aaron Rodgers?

What were they thinking? With all the talk how great the front office is in Green Bay and now this! Seneca Wallace and now Scott Tolzien as the dynamic duo? Did they think that their overrated offensive line was going to be able to protect Aaron Rodgers forever?

The truth is, they didn’t think. Aaron Rodgers is the Packers, without him they are no better than Jacksonville or the Vikings. The Packers don’t even have a receiver on their them that would start on any team not led by Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees. But at least give them a chance!

Not having a good backup in the NFL these days is like driving a car across the desert with no spare tire. Ted Thompson should be ashamed! Where was the planning? Even the drunken locals knew going into the season without a decent backup was a bad idea!

Luckily for the Packers, they are in a division where Detroit, although talented, always seems to find a way to screw up and beat themselves. The Bears have injury issues of their own. And the Vikings have Christian Ponder. Enough Said!

The bottom line is that even if the Wallace and Tolzien combination can manage to pull out a couple of wins on the back of Eddie Lacy, Rodgers will be back. And with the rest of the schedule including 6 games with teams that are at .500 or less they should still be able to win the division and get to the playoffs.

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