Breaking Portia

Breaking Portia

I hate you for making me love you
For making me need you
Making me want you

I hate you for walking away
For playing me
Leaving me alone

Not a day goes by that I don’t
Drown myself in thoughts of you

Longing for just one more touch
For one more kiss
One more time.

Why do you haunt me, leave me in peace!

Your memory is a vice around my heart
Crushing it,
killing the life inside of me

Loving you makes me hate myself
Knowing that I would do anything
Change me in any and everyway

To keep you I would sell myself to your dreams

This weakness envelopes me
Squeezes out my identity

My sense of me evaporates with your one glance
And I melt away with just one touch

How I long to be what you want, what’s missing from me?

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