Breast Cancer Screenings and Awareness in Madison, Wisconsin

In order to lower the risks of breast cancer, the National Cancer Institute highly recommends that a mammography or screening be performed on a regular basis. This is true for young and old women alike, as risk can be high in both cases and early detection can prevent problems or issues with breast health later.

Madison, Wisconsin is home to a variety of resources and organizations focused on providing women with free or low-cost screenings year round. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is one resource for both patients and families that sponsors a Race for the Cure Event each year to raise money for the foundation. The Breast Cancer Recovery Fuondation (BCRF) also funds and sponsors various events and activities around the city. The Wisconsin Well Woman program is the ultimate resource for screenings at little or no cost, and is a state-sponsored program.

Types of breast cancer screening include a formal mammography test at a clinic, pefroming a breast self-exam on a regular basis, a clinical breast exam performed by a doctor or heatlh professional, and even MRIs and tissue sampling when needed. If you are in need of any of these types of tests, do be sure to check with your doctor or health professional for the best steps for you.

Here is a list of resources for free or low-cost breast cancer screenings in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Do keep in mind that many women’s groups, networks, and corporations sponsor these screenings during Breast Cancer Awareness month in March of each year as well. You can stay up to date on times and dates by contacting the offices directly at the numbers provided below:

Wisconsin Well Woman Program

A state-sponsored program within the Department of Health & Family Services department. This program provides preventive health screenings for low-income women and those with no health insurance coverage. The program agency can be contacted directly at (608) 266-8311.

University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

This university-sponsored center is an excellent resource for questions, concerns, local events, and additional information on breast cancer and awareness. The office can be reached at (608) 262-5223 or toll free at 1-800-622-8922. The Center provides information on Phase I/clinical trials, cancer prevention, and cancer control.

The American Cancer Society can provide guidance, support groups, resources, and assistance with transportation to screenings and events. The main office can be reached at 1-800-ACS-2345 for the closest office in your local area.

The Cancer Information Service is sponsored by the National Cancer Institiute, and can refer you to local screening services. It also provides materials and resources for patients and families in both English and Spanish. The center can be reached at 1-800-4-CANCER.

The Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation (BCRF) focuses primarily on recovery and personal growth, but is still an excellent informational resource for patients and families interested in screening or learning more. It is a Wisconsin-based foundation and can be reached at (608) 821-1140 and sponsors a variety of events and opportunities.

For general questions or guidance, the Dane County Department of Human Services-Public Health Division can be reached at (608) 242-6392. They often have information on upcoming events, screenings, and can be another great resource.

With the variety of resources for detection, prevention, treatment, and recovery of breast cancer today, it is important for all women to seek and find the necessary help they may need. Use the above screening resources for the Madison, Wisconsin area to make sure you and your loved ones have all of the information you need for optimal health.

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