Bruandera Batting Cages Business Proposal

August 8, 2005

Mr. John Lee
Chief Loan Officer
University Credit Union
72637 Babcock Rd.
San Antonio, TX

Dear Mr. Lee:

I am attaching a proposal for a loan of $35,000 that would go towards a business that I would like to open. The business is a batting cages facility. The location is primed for success. There are three little league’s and two high schools within a five mile radius. The next closest facility is anything but close. We will also be offering services that aren’t offered by any facility on the northwest side of San Antonio.

The money will be for setting up the actual batting cages and all equipment actually needed for them. The money will also go towards the rent for the property while we are setting the facility up and there will be no profits coming in.

I hope that you find my proposal to be well worth the time and effort I put into it. If you need to contact me, please call me at (210) 325-6447 or email me at and we can get more into detail about this.


Humberto R. Cervera III

Proposal for Braundera Batting Cages

Overview of the Business

For as long as baseball has been around there has always been the need for players to get that extra edge over their peers. Their options were to get someone to go out and work with them, but people are not always available to work out with. That is where our business will come in. We will provide a staff that will be able to help enhance their baseball abilities. We will be offering a better product for cheaper than the competition.

Our business can help them out with their offensive and defensive skills in the game. We will have a reputable staff coach, that has already agreed to help when the business is running, and he will be able to tutor all ages and levels of baseball or softball players.

They will be able to have single hour sessions with the coach or they can sign up for the entire six-week program that includes two-hour sessions each week. The program will include a money back guarantee that if the players do not see an improvement in their batting or pitching they can get a full refund.

The business will also feature nine different cages (six baseball, three softball) where players can train in. The cages will be under a pavilion where they will be sheltered from precipitation that will normally ruin an outdoor batting or pitching session. In the winter, tarps will enclose the pavilion and space heaters will also be placed around to make it more comfortable for the athletes.

The pitching machines will be a step above what most baseball or softball players have ever hit pitches from. The Bata 2 is able to deliver the normal fastball, but it will also be able to pitch curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs, or splitters. In addition, The Bata 2 will be able to launch the ball up to 100 miles per hour.


The location that has been picked out for the business is located at:

9444 Bandera Rd,
San Antonio, TX 78250

The site is right off the of the Bandera Rd/Braun Rd intersection. This site is also the neighbor to OP Schnapel Park, which houses Northside Suburban Little League. There are two more little leagues (Northwest and Helotes) and two high schools (John Marshall and Sandra Day O’Connor) within three miles of this location. There are not any other businesses in the area that can provide any of the services Braundera Batting Cages will provide with the same amount of convenience. Rent will be in the $2000 range.


All the supplies needed for the business are attached as actual internet receipts. The total for all of the supplies is $28,058 before taxes and $30,302 after sales tax.

Operating costs

There is not an incredibly large amount of different operating costs. The only costs that there will be are the utilities, labor, overhead and the hours for the special coaches to be on premise. The special coaches will be former UTSA baseball players. The overhead, owner wages, will be $20 per hour, the coaches will be paid $50 per hour and the other labor will be paid $7 per hour. The totals for all of this per month will be $9064 and is itemized in Table 1.

Table 1

Monthly Operating Costs

Overhead $3200

Coaches (24 hrs) $1200

Other labor (552 hrs) $3864

Rent $2000

Utilities $1000

Total $11,264

In Season Monthly Profits

With the amount of little leagues and the quality of our services, we should have no problem filling up all nine of our cages for three of our nine operating hours Monday through Friday. On the weekends, the cages could be filled up for six of the 12 hours we are open. We will be charging $15 for 15 min in the cage and $70 per hour for the coaching sessions. There should also be six hour long sessions with the coaches. With all of that, the amount of money coming in per month would be $58,740 and that number is broken down in Table 2.

Table 2

In Season Monthly Profits

Monday through Friday

15 min. sessions per three hours 12

Cost per session (dollars) 15

Number of cages 9

Days 5

Total money earned $8100

Saturday and Sunday

15 min. sessions per six hours 24

Cost per session (dollars) 15

Number of cages 9

Days 2

Total money earned $6480

Coaching sessions

Sessions per week 6

Cost per session (dollars) 70

Total money earned $420

All money earned per month $14,580

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