Buying Guide to Natural Hair Products

Are you in the market for natural hair care products but don’t have the time to find the best of the best? These pure and simple hair products really pack a punch.

Styling Gel

Kiss My Face

  • Vitamin-E and calendula-enriched Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel has workable hold and a crowd-pleasing citrus scent. I like it because it holds hair in place without flaking.

Styling Mousse

Kiss My Face

  • The company’s Hold UP Styling Mousse is pH balanced and 100% biodegradable. I love the green tea and lime fragrance.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


  • When scooped out of its tub and warmed between hands, Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment turns into a spreadable, ultranourishing oil. Made from crushed South American ojon palm nuts that bring out beautiful, shiny strength.

Hair Spray


  • Aveda Air Control Hair Spray includes pine resin, organic flaxseed, and jojoba to give firm hold. Further, it won’t affect groundlevel ozone like other aerosols because of its low volatile organic compound percentage. Every time you purchase an Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, Aveda purchases renewable energy credits which offset the carbon generated in the production of this product.

Daily Conditioner

modern organic products

  • MOP’s Mixed Greens Conditioner is filled with all the right stuff for daily use. Use it to pump up thin hair without making it feel heavy. The formula includes artichoke leaf extract, olive oil, and rosemary to nourish and reconstruct color-treated strands.


  • Aveda’s Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade is a popular choice. It has wonderful jasmine and rose aroma and adds satin finish when applied to dry hair. Also does a great job of eliminating flyaways. As with all pomades, use sparingly and away from your roots.


modern organic products

  • A spritz of the Pear Detangler frees hair from knots and is ideal for adding slip to the hair while styling.



  • Doctors like the fact that EO Rose & Chamomile Shampoo is chemical free. With EO, you can be comfortable knowing that no pesticide residues are being massaged into your scalp because the formula has very low paraben concentrations and no detergents.Ojon

Company Profiles:

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is a well-recognized all-natural body care company. Aside from hair care products, the company produces moisturizers, liquid soaps, shave creams, and body oils. Kiss My Face products contain no artificial colors, unnecessary chemical additives, animal ingredients or animal testing.


Ojon derives their products using environmentally-responsible methods. The company provides its customers with an absolutely pure, hair care product that is unparalleled in quality and results, all the while helping to sustain the world’s most natural and cultural resources. Ojon oil is harvested by the Miskito tribes of Central America, and the Ojon Corporation strives to preserve their way of life.


Aveda connects its mission (to care for the world we live in) with its product development by sourcing ingredients from traditional communities world-wide. The company promotes an environmental sustainability policy and partners with other companies and organizations to save threatened and endangered plants.


modern organic products are designed to provide modern, simple and natural solutions for the cleansing, treatment and finishing of all hair types. The inclusion of organic and food-derived ingredients provides nutrition for healthy hair and scalp as well as protection from environmental elements. MOP’s vision has given voice to a movement of smarter lifestyle choices, which speak to the concerns for our earth and our global future.


EO use only ingredients that are essential, without compromising the quality and purity of its products with less expensive synthetic fragrances, dyes or fillers.

Where to Order:

I turn to when I need to procure hard-to-find items.

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