Buying Guide to Watches and Timepieces

Image is everything. Or so it is said. So, when seeking an accessory that exhibits your professionalism, mixed with elegance, while remaining practical and stylish, consider a designer watch. With fine quality and workmanship, both Fossil and GUESS offer beautiful watch and timepiece options for both men and women.

For most consumers, looking for the perfect watch or timepiece can be a tedious process. Comfort, fit, ease of use, water resistance, weight and composition materials are items the saavy consumer may consider while seeking the perfect watch or timepiece while searching to define your true personality. For an efficient shopping experience, the products offered both by GUESS and Fossil will, undoubtedly, lead to satisfaction in consumer watch and timepiece purchases.

What Vintage Are You? The slogan so eloquently describes the message of Fossil. When purchasing Fossil products, the consumer is guaranteed unique, fun and adventurous watch and timepiece selections for both men and women. Additionally, Fossil, in select styles, allows for personal design of the timepiece or watch selection with options such as face dial, band and material composition. Simply choose the dial, strap and material composition style and Fossil does the rest. In both casual and more elegant designs, Fossil watches and timepieces offer many years of style at an efficient cost with most watches beginning as low as $65.00. Choose from titanium, chronograph and even pocket watches.

Additionally, Fossil provides for an 11 month unlimited factory warranty against faulty workmanship or defects in materials. But, hold on to that receipt, as proof of purchase is required! For repair or services falling outside of the warranty conditions, the repair cost is as low as $15.00. For more information, and to begin your adventure with an insight into innovation, visit Fossil’s website at

Similar to Fossil and also offering adventure, fun and a splash of independence, is the GUESS line of watches and timepieces. While striving to set new trends and remain fashionable, GUESS also provides an innovation in each timepiece and watch design. Power and performance are key components of the GUESS watch and timepiece with most watches and timepieces also composed of water resistant materials. As with Fossil, GUESS watches and timepieces are cost efficient with most watches beginning at $75.00 each.

In contrast to Fossil, GUESS warranties the timepiece or watch for up to ten years and offer watch selections in a variety of metal compositions. Unfortunately, the option for designing your own watch is not available through GUESS as it is with Fossil. To learn more about GUESS products, visit their website at

For both GUESS and Fossil, the ever evolving, trend setting and innovation concept in watches and timepieces have remained the most significant basis for their respective successes. Because of this, both GUESS and Fossil offer web based online purchasing. With this innovation, shopping can be completed in the comfort of your own home with the Fossil site allowing for much easier navigation and customer support, FAQs and “design your own watch” options. This alone makes Fossil the recommended online purchasing option versus the GUESS site. However, both trend setting companies offer the convenience to consumers.

Whatever your style, trend, need or desire, both GUESS and Fossil offer a unique approach to purchase, design and innovation in watches and timepieces. Warranties are unique, cost is reasonable and material composition is varied. Because of these options, whether you choose GUESS or Fossil timepieces or watches, your purchase is guaranteed to provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction at a reasonable purchase price.

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