Buying Used: Not Just for Textbooks Anymore

Taking a drive up and down Tallahassee’s Monroe Street usually affords travelers little more than high blood pressure and the chance to cross the city’s maze of one-way and dead-end roads fairly easily. Similarly, when one considers this small, southern city’s three colleges and universities, it’s easy to see why used books symbolize textbooks to many who call Tallahassee their home. However, the city offers a bit more to those who are willing to withhold judgement until they’ve peeled back the cover.

Monroe Street alone is home to three used bookstores. Each one offers something a little different, and it’s easy to see how they’ve all stayed in business despite the college-age base in that area of the city.

The Paperback Rack is, perhaps, Tallahassee’s best-known used book store. This mainstay of Monroe street even serves as a spot to pick up some books for a few Literature classes whose teachers believe in shopping locally. With a wide array of both used and new books, they still avoid an affiliation with the colleges.

The Bookshelf is south on Monroe, and offers a unique selection. While they are a used book store, much of their main room is dominated by comics and action figures. Still, with several rooms, they can afford the space while offering a wide selection.

Off of Monroe, you’ll still be able to find great buys on used books.

Hellenthal Books and Galleria is an option off Thomasville Road and Betton. Just around the corner from the Miracle 5 Theatre and many other shops, you won’t be found without used books in this corner of town.

Further north in Killearn you’ll find My Favorite Books. Tucked away in the Market Square shopping plaza this small store keeps its own hours in this popular shopping center. Near to many of Tallahassee’s most upscale shops, it’s hard to go amiss in this store.

So, before you write off this bustling capital of Florida, take a closer look. There are so many used book stores where you can find hidden treasures of someone else’s book collection to help build your own.

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