Buying a Dog

What would life be like with out a pet? Dogs give unconditional love..I have grown up with pets, and so have my children..It is true they do cost more than most people think. They require care. If you can make the commitment, you will never regret buying a dog.

First start by giving some thought to what breed you want to buy, the size,the amount of hair on the dog, any allergies in the family.How much grooming is involved, and do you have the time. If you live in an apartment, you will want to buy a small dog.. If you live in the country than you can think of buying a larger breed. It requires a great deal of thought, before getting a dog.. To many people consider a dog because it is cute, only to find out later the dog is to big to handle. please think first. As with any dog, they do grow old, They do get sick. When this happens they must be cared for. I am the eye’s and ear’s for 2 dogs i have had for years. Both are blind and deaf. They require more loving care now then when i got them. A blind dog does better than you would expect. As a matter of fact a dog does better than any human being blind. They are able to get around, under watchful eyes of the owner. Moving furniture around can make that task very difficult for them ..If you allow them to be normal they will be.

Long haired dogs require heavy grooming, especially if they live out doors. consider the fact first! Will you be able to care for this type of dog and all that is involved with grooming.If you are unable to groom, you might consider a professional groomer.. This added expense can be costly. Short haired dogs are much easier to groom. easier to keep clean.. Consider these facts first..Of course there is also flea control, worm control, and vet care when needed. Will your pet be a house dog or a yard dog?Learn how to do simple tasks that can save you money down the road.. Learn to cut your pets nails, Light colored nails are easy because you can see the veins. clipping nails consistently will allow the vein to be pushed back.Giving a bath can be fun or frustrating. Teach the dog early to allow you to give him a bath, with out any hassle. Dogs learn to love bath time, or hate it. One very important thing is to know your dog, as you know your child. If one of your children is sick you can spot it in no time. Do the same for your dog. Dogs can not tell us they are sick The way a dog acts, reacts, how he eats, drinks, and plays…It is all part of knowing your dog. In time you will be able to tell if your dog is sick. It is so important and can also save a pets life. Simple first aid can save a life.. Did you know if your dog is choking, you can use the Heimlich maneuver.I have used it and it will work on dogs. Much easier on a large dog than a small dog. cuts and bruises can be treated much like a child, as long as no profuse bleeding, which would mean a life threatening situation.Your vet should be called pronto. Do as much research as possible when considering getting a pet.

Pet adoption is a great way to save a life. Shelters have so many un wanted pets, and no homes for them. It is a lower cost all the way around.. the pets receive their shots, get neutered, all for one low price. So many to choose from, all sizes, breeds, including the all around mutt. Small dogs are cute fun ,and you can take them almost anywhere.. Scoop em up and off you go.. cute little carry cases make taking a small dog much easier.Large dogs are a bit more difficult to take places. Larger dogs also have more hip problems than a smaller dog.. Hip dysplasia, is the most common problem with large dogs. Do you want a puppy? with that comes potty training, teaching basic commands. Most of all teaching good habits.Puddle pads work great for potty training, place one somewhere in your home, they have a scent to attract the puppy.Training could take weeks. Every few days move your puddle pad a little closer to the door you will letting your pet out of… In time you will move the puddle pad right out the door. By then your dog will be going out side.. Make sure you praise the pup each time it uses the puddle pad. Take them out often.By all means if you have small children teach them to be gentle with the puppy. Puppy’s love to chew, so provide plenty of toys.. No shoes, as a pup can not distinguish between an new shoe or an old shoe you have given him to chew on..

Make the toys simple and fun for your pup. An older dog can be a rewarding experience for anyone.. they are usually already potty trained, they have some degree of discipline.But beware an older dog that has not been around children. You could be asking for trouble when choosing an older dog. If there are no children in the home, then maybe an older dog is for you. You should also take in to consideration of grand children coming to your home. Much thought will have to be taken when considering an older dog. No one likes to see a dog roaming the streets. They can get killed, end up in dog fights, and become a nuisance to other neighbors. They can pick up diseases, have unwanted puppies if they are not neutered. Having your property fenced before you get a dog is a smart thing to do, for your safety and as well as your new pet. Knowing your pet is contained and able to roam freely with in your yard. It gives you peace of mind knowing where your dog is at all times. Always provide shelter for your outside dog. a nice dog house that your family can build together. the kids will enjoy painting the house and putting the dogs name on it.. A great family project. You might consider purchasing a dog house already built.. Either way always provide a nice warm blanket or rug in side.Dogs love to be part of family’s, they like to be treated well and in turn will give you years of family fun,and good times together. Loyalty is a great trait that dogs have, they love you no matter what.. Scold them they will lick your hand, as if trying to say I’m sorry. they forgive you for anything.The love an animal can give you is magical. Just look in to your dogs eyes and you can see the love they have with in them. be their friend and you will have a friend for life.Have fun with your new dog, think before you make your commitment. and your life will be changed forever.

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