Cake Decorating Ideas: The Volcano Cake

Ingredients you will need for this cake decorating idea:

� Two boxes of cake mix
� Ingredients per cake mix instructions
� Deep round cake pan (large enough for 1 full box of mix)
� Bunt cake pan (same diameter as round cake pan)
� 2 containers of icing
� Volcano filling (candy of your choice)

Instructions for this cake decorating idea:

� Prepare 2 boxes of cake mix batter per the instructions on the box
� Prepare cake pans per instructions on box (flour, oil)
� Fill the deep cake pan and the bunt pan with the prepared cake mix
� Cook the cakes according to cooking time specified on the box
� When the cake is done, remove the cakes from pans and place them on cooling racks.
� Allow several hours for the cakes to cool. This is a large cake and you do not want to rush the process. Icing the cake too soon may cause the top layer to slide.
� Now it is time to decorate your cake with this great cake decorating idea!
� Ice the cakes with a thin layer of icing using just the first can of frosting. Put icing between the two layers to hold them together. The bunt cake should be on top. The purpose of using a thin layer first is to seal in any stray crumbs.
� Apply the second container of icing to the outside of the cake building it up to look like a mountain.
âÂ?¢ Fill the inside of the “volcano” with the candy of your choice. In this case, I used chocolate chips.
� After filling the volcano to the top, arrange more candy so that it appears to run over the top and down the sides.
� Store the cake in the refrigerator for safekeeping. Chances are it will be too tall to a regular cake keeper.

Similar cake decorating ideas:
� You can use chocolate or strawberry syrup for an added volcanic effect
� Another filling I like to use is crushed Oreos with gummy worms poking out and crawling over the sides for a dirt cake ( I use chocolate icing for this cake)
âÂ?¢ This recipe works well with chocolate shaving or m&m’s

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