Camping Tips: Hassle Free Summer Fun

We started camping when my oldest son was . For almost 18 years we have went camping at least twice each year. When we go camping it is tent camping only. It takes a lot of practice to get tent camping to where it is a enjoyable and comfortable experience. The first few times we went tent camping, we were farm from comfortable. We did learn lots of tricks along the way to make the experience one that we have continued to do for years. If you are planning to go tent camping I am going to share with you all the tent camping tips that we have discovered along the way. Taking your family tent camping is a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and get closer as a family.

When we first went camping we took one cooler. This is clearly not enough. You might be able to fit in all your meats and such but it leaves very little room for your soda’s. This means you are constantly having to add more. What this causes is you will end up eventually with out any cold soda, also because you are opening the cooler so often the ice will melt much quicker.

We now take 2 coolers. One is for meats, cheeses, condiments,eggs anything else similar is packed in this cooler. With the second cooler it is for all drinks.

Putting your coolers in the shade and covering them with a blanket will make the ice last longer. Another way to save money with ice is, a couple days before you are to leave for the trip fill milk jugs or 2 liter pop bottles with water and freeze. Right before you leave on your trip cut the jugs and drop the cubes of ice into the cooler. Another use for this frozen water is to leave it in the jugs and as it thaws you have drinking water.

Bug and Animal Control
Another big problem when tent camping is bugs biting you and animals coming on to your campsite. Being mosquito food all night or having a raccoon eat all your food can ruin a otherwise perfect camping trip. Here are some tent camping tips to keep the bugs and animals at bay.

1) Food is the main thing that attract critters like skunks and raccoons as well as insects, so make sure to keep all food spills cleaned up and open boxes, loafs of bread, etc in plastic containers that close securely or the ice chest.

We had a raccoon come on our campsite one night and tear up our bag of flour we had taken with us to cook fish with. We also had birds one day eat 2 loafs of buns. This was in the day time. I thought it was safe to leave the bread out while we went swimming, I was wrong.

2) Do not dump bacon grease, or any other scraps on the ground. Instead burn them in your fire pit.

3) Bugs hate fire, so keep a lively one burning especially during evening hours but also in the daytime if bugs are bad. Another tip to keep insects out of your tent is to spray bug repellent inside your tent. To save even more money hang a dryer sheet or two in the tent this wil help keep mosquitos out.

4) Do not use a light while entering or exiting your tent and keep it closed unless you are getting in or out of it. This will help keep the insects out of your tent, so you can sleep bug free.

A Comfortable Bed

Another sure fire way to ruin a camping trip is to be tossing and turning all night because the bed beneath you feels like a rock. Here are a couple tent camping tips to assure you get a goods night rest.

1) Before putting up your tent scout the area of your campground you want the flattest and smoothest spot to be where you put your tent up. Check the ground before putting up the tent and remove any debris such as; rocks or sticks.

2) Take a air mattress with you to sleep on.

3) Cheaper than a air mattress is to take thick blankets to make your bed out of. We usually take two of the thickest comforters that we have and lay them out inside the tent then lay down nice soft fluffy pillows to keep out heads comfortable.

Make sure not to forget the extra things to make a comfortable bed. if you do not take them then the next day you may be to sore to enjoy the days activities.

First Aid Kit

Another important part of a camping trip is a first aid kit. Anything can happen on camping trip that may require a little bit of care. I have learned through the years that not having little things to patch a cut or cure a headache can make for a bad camping trip.

I do not but a first aid kit. I make my own. I have a large makeup bag that I use as my first aid kit bag. In this bag are many items that I have added to over the years, as more problems have arose in which I did not have item at the time that I wished I had of.

In my bag you will find band-aids (assorted sizes), bandage wrap, gauze, bandage tape, peroxide and alcohol in empty medicine bottles to save space, antibacterial cream, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, aspirin, fever reducer, aloe vera cream (for burns), needle and thread (this is in case someone rips a piece of clothing they can’t live without) or a bathing suit strap breaks, lip balm, anti-acids and eye drops.

Time Saving Tips

A camping trip is a time of fun and relaxation for everyone. Even Mom wants this trip to get away from the hectic life of house keeping, working and taking care of the children. These tips should help Mom also get some extra time for fun. When we first started camping I seemed to do nothing but work. Then I found ways to have things better prepared.

1) If you are going to be using fresh ground beef for your hamburgers, make them into patties and put them in a zip lock bag. This way you just take them out of the bag and slap them on the grill.

2) Pre -cut your onions, tomatoes, lettuce and fruits such as cantaloupe and seal them in little lid covered bowls so they stay fresh and you just take them out of the bowls as needed.

3) Pack all items that are similar in one suitcase, bag or container. Such as all bathroom stuff, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper and deodorant. Cooking and eating supplies such as spoons, plates, cups, spatula, salt and pepper. Bedding such as blankets, sheets and pillows, etc. Having everything organized makes searching for what you need much easier and less time consuming.

Tent camping season is upon us. I hope these tent camping tips help make your camping trip more enjoyable.

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