Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone accessories can be an overwhelming and endless subject. Especially for those of us who were years behind in jumping on the cell phone band wagon in the first place. A trip into any electronics store will quickly show tell you that you are missing out on a world of gadgets and gizmos that personalized your phone, attach it to different surfaces, and well, do almost anything, except keeping you from misplacing it every five minutes. So, here is a little cell phone necessary accessories 101 for those you living without these little gadgets.

Cases. Holsters, and Pouches

Cases, Holsters, and Pouches can be essential accessories, especially for those of you who spend most of your time looking for your cell phone. Cases, holsters, and pouches come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but are not limited to:

�· Leather pouches
�· Fabric Pouches
�· Belt clips
�· Dash board mounts
�· Cup holders
�· Furry pouches
�· Arm band pouches
�· Pocket book pouches

Now, I may have seemed a little redundant in the pouches area, but you would be completely shocked at the variety of cell phone pouches available on the market today. There is one to suit any age group, personality, and outfit. Materials range from fur, mesh, leather, nylon, and silk. They also attach to almost any surface ranging from your arm, belt, leg, car dashboard, and bicycle. Armband pouches are a great accessory for the avid jogger or walking. This pouches straps onto your arm (or leg) using Velcro to secure it. This is great because if you have ever tried to clip your cell phone onto you cotton stretch leggings, you know it bobs around uncontrollably while you are exercising, compromising your modesty as gravity tugs it downward at the waste of you pants. This would also be a convenient to plug in a hands free device so that you can talk while working out.

Now, one of my favorite cell phone accessories jumped out at me while I was getting my car washed. Inside the car wash shop was little section of dashboard and cup holders gadgets. One item was a cup shaped piece of rubber that slipped easily into any standard cup holder and had small openings in the top of it. One was rectangular and slim, an ideal opening for most cell phones. Other openings in the rubber insert include pencil holes, memo note holder, and one mystery square hole that might be great for change or your keys. Anyway, I thought this was rather ingenious, creating a mini organized office space in you car. This is ideal for those of us who spend a lot of our time in the car digging around our purse for the ringing cell phone and a pen and paper to jot something down on. For less than ten dollars this gadget could stop you from causing a wreck as you madly bob your head up and down from pocket book to windshield. The dashboard mount is also a great way to keep up with your phone in the car. Both the cell phone cup holder and dash mount work well with any hands free device, leaving your hands free to remain at the ten and two o’clock positions.

Another great cell phone accessory is the matching pouch that pocket book manufacturers have been attaching to their pocketbooks. The pouches come in two styles: first, a small pocket built into the lining of the pocketbook and secondly a matching fabric pouch that dangles outside of the pocketbook form the strap. These are a great way to be stylish while you are keeping up with your cell phone. I love the way a century old item like the pocket book has been adapted into the modern world. Cell phones are here to stay and they are definitely a fashion accessory. It will be great to look back on pocketbook fashion fifty years from now when cell phones have changed into something sleeker and smaller. The pouches will seem huge, outdated, and quaint. Meanwhile, today they are exceptionally handy.

Novelty Hand straps and Charms

Now, this category of cell phone accessories may appeal to your teenage daughter, but we all have an inner child, and at the very least you might find a great gift idea for your daughter or niece who has everything.

�· Antennae Rings
�· Cell Phone Charms
�· Adhesive O Rings
�· Charm Straps
�· Cell Phone Strap/ Key Chains
�· Bracelets
�· Hand straps
�· Mirror Straps
�· Air Fresheners
�· Suction Cups
Ã?· Charm – LCD cleaner combos
�· Crystals
�· Hologram stickers

If you think I am making these products up, then you are completely wrong. The more I look at my plain black Nokia cell phone the more I realize I am out of the loop. Thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton, covering your cell phone surface up with as many baubles, preferably pink and shiny baubles, is all the rage. Now most of these items are self explanatory, but a few may require a little detail. The award for the most unusual accessory goes to the air freshener strap combo. I can only assume this is for those hot summer days when you hand is sweaty and so is the ear you are holding your cell phone to. More useful in my opinion is the adhesive o-ring accessory. This is a key ring attachment that allows your cell phone to become your key ring. Now, when you finally find your keys you will have also found your phone. Hand straps attach to your phone and allow you to hang the phone from your wrist. Many of the older cell phones came with these already attached, but the current ones are more streamlined and do not have this feature, favoring the belt clip instead. Antennae rings are merely for show and usually consist of items that would appeal to young girls under the age of sixteen. Charms of all types can be found from teddy bears to dice. The charm/LCD cleaner is a great option that gives your phone a little pizazz while conveniently allowing you to clean your phone’s screen at any moment you have time, say for instance on that long flight to Hawaii. Crystals are one way many cell phone users are customizing their standard cell phones. Shiny crystals are pain stakingly glued all over the phone to make it shimmer and shine. My favorite cell phone accessory is the initial charm. This is a charm you hang from the antennae of your phone. It is any letter in the alphabet. A huge trend in the past couple years have been pocket books with your initial on the front, so why not carry it one more step to your cell phone. Any of these cell phone accessories would be great gifts and because they are all relatively inexpensive, they are an affordable way to change the appearance of your cell phone and make it unique as you are.


Cell phone batteries may not seem like an accessory, since they are also a necessity. But a quick look down the cell phone aisle will reveal why these necessities have morphed in to accessories.

�· Flashing Batteries
�· Extended Life Batteries
�· Slim Batteries

Now, extend life batteries and slim batteries pretty much explain themselves, but what about these flashing batteries. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these online. These batteries are sold to fit almost any style of cell phone and look almost like a strobe light on the back of your phone. Your own personally light show is created on the back of your cell phone. Designs range from stars, rainbow, stripes, patterns, snowflakes, initials, patriotic themes, and more. They flash their colorful lights and take cell phones to a whole new look. Now, I know these are completely unnecessary, but they are by far my favorite cell phone necessary accessories.

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