Central Dehumidification Systems

There are times when air-conditioning is sufficient to provide relief from the heat, and there are times when the humidity is so heavy that no matter how cool it is; it’s just not enough to keep you comfortable. Well don’t fret just yet, there are alternative methods to keep your home cool and dry throughout the summer months. To really maximize your comfort level you need to be able to control not just the air temperature but also the humidity. Air conditioners are nice, but a dehumidification system will help to take that uncomfortable moisture out.

No, you don’t have to buy an individual dehumidifier for each room of your home, in fact there are whole-house dehumidification systems that work in conjunction with your existing central air system. As the air is circulated through your air conditioning unit, a portion of that air is routed through the dehumidification system where the moisture will be be removed and then re-circulated back through with the air being churned out by your air unit, making a drier, more comfortable environment during those muggy days.

The dehumidification units are very ergonomic, small and light-weight, will fit nicely right beside your existing air conditioning system, and will control the humidity throughout your entire home. Most dehumidification systems are placed on a stand to make it level with the A.C. The dehumidifier is connected to the air conditioning unit with air ducts which may need to be cut and customized to fit your system. An access hole is cut into your existing unit so that the new ducts can draw directly from the air flow. The seams are then sealed with caulk to insure a proper seal so that no air will escape for maximum efficiency. The dehumidifier will draw the moisture out and loop the drier air back into the home. A plastic hose then carries the moisture away from the unit which empties into a floor drain, outside drain line, or wash tub.

It could take anywhere from 3 to 5 portable dehumidifiers to do the job of the installed central system, and will also save you quite a bit on energy costs. The system will also save you the hassle of having to empty the individual units with its automatic drainage system, and also runs very quietly. Overall, the installation process is very quick and simple, and can be done by yourself by following the instructions that come with the installation kits. Keeping the humidity levels down is crucial to mold and fungus abatement and will provide a more comfortable, cleaner feel to the air

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