Ceramic Teapot

Tea lovers love a good ceramic teapot. I do too. There is something about a great tea that came from a beautiful ceramic teapot. Tea makes you feel good. It can be sweet, tart or just cozy for your taste buds. A good ceramic teapot might not be hard to find but I usually keep two or three out for easy access.

That doesn’t include the ones I keep for special occasions. I like a ceramic teapot to have pretty pictures or just look good. A teapot like that can make a great gift filled with teas and I personally love the look of a cute one.

Some of my favorites include ones that come from Asia. A blue or green with gold mixed in is really cute. A nice Asian ceramic teapot is always just as functional as it is pretty. You can get a good one for around forty bucks but sometimes you can spot sales. Of course the more fancy the ceramic teapot the more you will pay, but who can resist a gorgeous teapot? I know I can’t.
Yes, the ceramic teapot can be functional too. It looks good and it can make great tea. I like all these new flavors coming out with tea. Old favorites like Earl Gray or Irish Breakfast is just fine but sometimes a good spiced apple cinnamon or perhaps a nutmeg tea is just what I need to feel good after a long day.

I can take my ceramic teapots outside too. I like going out in the morning with my pot of tea and my teacups and I like not feeling guilty about bringing it outside. Plus, if they crack, it is no big deal. Didn’t cost too much to begin with and I get a thrill when I get to pick out a new ceramic teapot that has some new funky design on it.

It might seem silly but a good ceramic teapot is more than just something you make tea with. I can make tea with a regular pot on my stove but it simply isn’t the same as one of those cute teapots with the design on them. You can also make your own if you want, with a nice little design you created. Kids can help out too, which makes the project more fun. Think about making a teapot you and your kids helped to create. I have one with handprints and a couple where they drew their favorite things on them. I have one I painted with a cozy country cottage on the front with red flowers and willow trees that looks just beautiful.

I really like the holiday time where I can paint a ceramic teapot and put people’s names on the front and I can give it as a gift. Don’t forget to add your favorite teas inside too. I know that is the sort of gift I like to get myself. You can never have enough ceramic teapots, that’s what I say.

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