How to Write a Funny Limerick

A limerick is a funny poem, especially for kids, that carries an amusing message. People like it because of its lyrical and has musical characteristics. Though, its traces can be found in 14th century’s English literature but Edward Lear was the person who actually made this genre very popular.

Contrary to literary poems, writing a limerick is an easy job. Anyone who understands the format can write it. All you need is a lot of observation power and strong storytelling skills. The funnier you are the better is your poem. However, you must keep couple of things in mind while writing a limerick.


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    Understand the format:

    First of all, you should know the format of limerick. This type of poem consists of five lines in which first, second and fifth line rhyme with each other. Meanwhile, third and fourth line rhyme with each other. Make sure that the amount of syllables is equal in relevant lines. Mostly, lines number one, two and five comprise eight or nine syllables whereas lines number three and four contain five or six syllables.

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    Plan your story:

    Next thing you should do is to plan the story. You do not need to bring some sort of philosophy in limerick rather this genre of poetry is only famous for discussing ridiculous, idiotic but amusing thoughts. Feel free to think and plan a really grasping story.

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    Start your first line:

    Now, when you have a theme/story in your mind, open your first line of the poem with typical phrases like “Once there was...”, “There was...” etc. You can make your own phrases to begin. Discuss the most important thing/ character in first line and then end your introductory line with a location. It can be anything like country, city, famous market, mountain, sea etc.

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    Write second line of limerick:

    In the second line of your limerick, you are required to present a ridiculous situation. Do not hesitate in thinking some idiotic scenario as it is the basic requirement of this poem. It can be anything like a vegetable talking to cook; a lazy person gets the job of physical trainer etc.

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    Mention the effect of situation:

    Your next task is to present the effect of that situation in third and fourth verse. However, make sure these lines rhyme with each other.

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    The end:

    Use line number five to describe the ending of this story. This line will rhyme with first two lines.

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