Change A-Line Skirts to Fuller Skirts

A-line skirts have been around for years. The design is found in dresses, short skirts, or floor-length numbers. The problem with some A-line skirts, at least ones that go below the knees, is that there sometimes isn’t enough room to walk, climb, or take a giant step. Most A-line skirts have a slit in the front, back or side, to allow more room, but even that doesn’t grant you enough movement in some designs.

You can easily redesign the A-line skirt and have plenty of freedom for movement. The first order of business is to eliminate the slit that is already in the skirt. Sew on the seam, straight down, until you have closed the slit. Trim inside if necessary.

Lay the skirt out on a table and put marks at the center of the hem, on front and back. Now mark halfway between the center mark and the side seam (if there is a side seam). Make these marks on the front and back; there should be three marks on front and three on back.

Ignore the center mark on front and back but cut the other four marks. How far up you cut depends upon the original length of the skirt, and how you want the design to look. If you want the skirt to be very full around the hem, cut about halfway up the thigh area. If you just want a little extra movement for the legs, you can cut just a few inches upward, on each mark.

Choosing matching fabric, different fabric but the same color, or just put in lace inserts. To do so, cut four triangles of the new fabric. You’ll need to consider several factors before cutting the triangular pieces. One is the length of the new slits you have cut. This will be the height of the triangle, but you’ll need to add some on for the hem. Measure the width of the existing hem and add that amount onto the height of the triangular, adding an additional inch.

To decide on how long the base of the triangular pieces should be, you’ll need to determine how much flare you want the skirt to have. Remember that you’ll be adding four pieces in, quadrupling the amount of new fabric. So, if you cut the base of each triangle a mere four inches, you’ll be adding sixteen inches to the overall flare of the bottom of the skirt.

After cutting the triangles to the size you wish, turn the skirt inside-out. Remove the hem stitches from the skirt, on each side of the slit. It’s not necessary to remove the entire hem from the skirt. Just take out a couple of inches on each side. Position the triangle into the slit opening and pin into place. Start at the hem area and go up to the point of the triangle, then come off the fabric. Now start at the point and sew back down to the hem. Don’t try to go up one side of the triangle, then down the other, because this will give a rounded, rather than pointed, look to your triangle apex.

Hem by starting a few stitches back from where you took the hem out. Hem across the new piece of fabric, lining it up with the original pieces, on each side.

Perform the triangle insertion on all four slits and you’ve got yourself a brand new design. You’ll be much more comfortable in the new skirt and it will look beautiful while allowing you all the movement you need.

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