Change Ordinary Jackets to Logo Jackets in Minutes

Promotional materials are printed on all sorts of items: cups, key rings, tee shirts and many others. Some of these items are quite costly, like jackets, throws, or even curtains.

Bandanas are about a buck or two a piece, but when you add one to a denim or other jacket, you’ve got the look of a rare, costly garment. It’s easy to do and you’ll love the new look of the old jacket.

Purchase a unique bandana, like Harley Davidson, NASCAR, The Rolling Stones, or another. They can be found online in every color and style imaginable. Lay the jacket out on a table and pin the bandana to the jacket back.

If the jacket is the type that has seams sewn into the back, position the bandana between the seams. Often the seams taper off towards the waist, so you’ll have to do the same to the bandana. Just tuck the bandana edges under until you have a shape that fits well in between the back seams.

If the jacket has no back seams, it’s important to align it in the center. Find the center of the bandana, then locate the center of the jacket back and align. Tuck the edges of the bandana under to keep it from looking like a bandana. Pin in to place before stitching.

To give the jacket a quilted look, purchase quilt lining to go between the bandana and the jacket. Align the lining, then the bandana, tucking the edges of the bandana under, but exposing none of the quilt lining. Pin and stitch the bandana in place.

It’s not necessary to use a bandana – you can use printed cloth as well. The printed cloth can be found in fabric stores with cartoon characters, Native American designs, or even sea scenes. Cut to the shape of the back of the jacket, or cut to the shape of a bandana then tuck and pin.

You can add the bandanas onto other items, too. Cut and sew the logos, or the entire bandana, to drapes, quilt, undies, caps, diaper bag, luggage, pillowcases, and other cloth items. If it’s an item that’s difficult or impossible to sew, try using fabric glue, found in most sewing departments.

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