Change Your Spending Habits

Money is not the most important thing in life. But it is usually involved in our everyday living. We work for money, spend some for necessities, save a little for a rainy day, or maybe invest some for the future. If money is not important, then why does it seem most of us never have enough? Is there anyone who would turn down a few extra dollars? Even if you have millions, do you stop there and put a limit on how much you can have? I am assuming that the vast majority of people reading this are not overly wealthy in a financial sense. I heard somewhere in my journeys that the trick to having money was having some. That is a true analogy that agrees with my way of thinking.

The trick in having some extra money to work with is rather simple to comprehend. Just save some up. A little bit here and there will soon add up. However, we live in a world where every retailer and marketer will try to extract every last penny from us and then some. Thus we often find ourselves in debt. Over 70% of our economy relies upon the consumer spending and when he is done, to spend some more. Personally, I am lucky in that I can curtail my spending by purchasing things I only really need or want. I could care less about all the latest fads and gizmo’s. And I don’t have any need to keep up with the Joneses and buy every new item that comes down the pike. I used to work in local package delivery to residential customers. It was incredible to me how much junk people can fit into a garage. It might be time to take a little look around the house or apartment and take inventory. I am sure you will find more than a few things that were purchased and really had no great use. That is your potential means to create millions from milk money. All those items you didn’t really need could provide a little bit of “seed” capital if you decide to save it instead of spend it.

I know you are laughing about now thinking this must be some crazy get-rich-quick scheme. Or, perhaps you cannot see yourself making a million dollars any time soon. Banish those thoughts, keep and open mind, and be receptive to any new ideas that might spark your interest. For a healthy change, think for yourself! Resolve to explore some opportunities and make your own discoveries. If you never take any risks or dream beyond your current experience, how will you have a chance to make some extra money? Remember, your financial situation is the result of actions directly implemented by you. Whether you overspend or save a few dollars to invest in possible financial freedom, the responsibility is yours. This is actually simple to do and there are real opportunities available to try.

Remember, we are using money that might have wasted on things that weren’t really needed. If you can save up several hundred dollars over a period of time, you can go into business for yourself. That milk money may be dimes and quarters, but it is their potential to grow that counts. You might create your own high quality web site to sell a product or service for well under $500. This includes marketing and search engine optimization. Perhaps market an e-book or create some type of informational product to promote. If you have some hobby or other interest you truly enjoy, explore the possibility of turning it into some kind of a business.

Other possibilities include opening a small trading account. An option account can be started for under $500. By taking the time to learn about options, you will find they are easy to understand and trade. With a specific program to trade with, you could earn some nice profits over time. With a little bit more capital, one could start a regular stock trading account. Perhaps you want to travel a less riskier path and open up a mutual fund investment. Even opening a savings account is a step in the right direction. Once you become more skilled in trading you could move to commodities and futures. Of course you have heard about how risky these can be, but it is possible to control much of the risk. It is up to you how well you might do with this type of investment. Remember, you want to find out on your own. Continuing to do what everyone else does, spend with no end, will leave you broke and in debt.

There is no excuse for not being able to save up a small grub stake. Then find a way to put it to use. Take a long hard look at your spending habits and you will find opportunities to spend less. If one is working for minimum wage or on welfare, that might be a different story. Then again, a little bit of milk money saved here and there could be turned into a small fortune. Throw in some imagination and perseverance and you might be able to create a surprising amount of wealth. The choice is yours.

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