Cheapskate Chic: How to Look Good for Less

Fashion is great – if you’re rich and can afford the latest look every season. The problem is not everyone has Nicole’s or Paris’ fortune. However thanks to godsends like J.C. Penney’s , Target and Payless you can have that high end look at low end prices. You can finally join the fashionistas, wear the stars of the season and still have money to spend.

In recent years that mall standard, J.C. Penney’s has added trendy but amazingly affordable lines like Bisou Bisou, Nicole Miller and their recently released a.n.a. line. Bisou Bisou , once only available to rich chicks can now be worn by chicks who can look rich. It has features sexy jeans and tops like their sleeveless cowl top, perfect for clubbing and dinners out. They look like Victoria’s Secret catalog offerings but without the high prices (and shipping costs) The line also has versatile suits that can take you from office to party as well with asymmetrical jackets and flouncy tweed skirts. Check out their pants and skirts. Most range between the thirty to forty dollar range. Their black pencil crepe skirt is a steal at thirty-six bucks and can go everywhere from boardrooms to baptisms. Another steal is the print wrap dress for only $69. 00 and looks like the more expensive three and four hundred dollar ones.

Penney’s snagged another great line, designed by the fashion forward Nicole Miller. Her look can be worn from Sunday to Monday, with outfits being dressed down or up depending upon your need. She has a cowl neck tunic now on sale for $29.99 which works well both for casual Friday or Saturday movies. Her Victorian influenced leather jacket has also been reduced an almost whopping three hundred bucks. It looks great with skinny jeans or this season’s Seventies blast – the maxi skirt. Miller’s line also includes jewelry and watches to finish off the look.

Another upcoming brand is J.C. Penney’s own a.n.a. This is my favorite – not just for the price but for the look. I recently bought one of their vee necked wool tunics, for only twenty-four dollars. It has the look and feel of soft cashmere but is machine washable. Other a.n.a goodies are their skinny jeans on sale now at $19.99 along with a tunic like sweater vest going for $24.99. The line also has cool bags and shoes and you can literally be dressed from head to toe in it.

Another great treasure trove of high style and low pricing is Target. Yes, it’s a great place to stock up on everything from pretzels to motor oil, along with sheets to birthday cards. Ignore these sections for a second and head straight to women’s clothing. There you’ll find some neat Isaac Mizrahi stuff. The designer has created runway style for us ordinary folk. For $39.99 pick up his suit jacket, which can go with ease over one his matching skirts or your favorite pair of jeans Want to go cheap luxe? Then pick up one of his cashmere sweaters for only $22.99. Another favorite brand is Mossimo. The California based designer has given Target baby soft tees in all different colors. These are my pick because they look well and are great for layering under cardigans and tunics. They’re selling right now for only $7.99 .He also has crew neck tees for $6.00 . Also snap a few of his long sleeve tees going only $8.99. These look good under any blazer and are perfect for topping off his denim pencil skirts.. Mossimo also has some neat shoes, from suede stiletto boots to platform pumps all within a cheapskate’s price range He also designs very affordable watches such as the versatile bracelet watches that go for $19.99 or the square bangle one for $16.99

Another cheapskate love is the Merona sweaters. These are more like long sleeved tees but made of a fine wool blend. Again these are great under tunics or with jeans . Merona also has good priced blouses in all styles (and sizes ranging from 00 to plus) and look good with their line of skirts (which are a very affordable 22. dollars)

Unfortunately both Penney’s and Target don’t have small shoe sizes (meaning my baby foot size five). Luckily I don’t have to go to any fancy shoe store specializing in these. Another cheapskate dream find does and that is Payless. Both store and on line cater to size 5’s and 5 Ã?½ ‘s. They also have every trend out there. Their “Milly “ballet flat is only $14.99 right now and for that price you can pick it up in not only the right now color black but also in navy and lipstick red. They also have this patent leather flats, their “Daphne ” style for the same price as well as sleek looking mules for the same low cost.
If you’re into the boot craze then get the slouchy “Noelle” it may be one of Target’s most expensive at $36.00 but it’s a steal comparted with the 400 and 500 dollar versions that the high end stores are selling

The one thing to definitely buy is the Croc knock off, the Airwalker Garden Clog. This is the 15 buck version of that comfy clog popular amongst college kids. Although the original does come in a variety of colors. Payless has it in half the color range but has funky tricolor ones that Croc’s doesn’t have. Get these for comfort as well as for price. They feel like you’re barefoot all the time and are great for this climate transition period. I haven’ t taken mine off since I bought them three weeks ago, that’s how wonderful they feel!

Payless also has a good, inexpensive line of dyeable bridesmaids’ shoes and sandals starting at $19.99. They are not only affordable but comfortable – which is a big plus for any shoe that will go through five hours of dancing, posing and walking. The stores also have good lines of accessories from watches to bags. Definitely pick up their knitted handbags that sell for $19.99. The designer, Michael Kors, is offering the same cable knit purse but for ten times the price.

Other Payless pluses are their sales and coupons. The store will always offers buying the second item at half price , whether it’s shoes, stockings, purses or slippers. Also be on the lookout for Payless circulars in your Sunday papers. These offer slews of discount vouchers which means you can get those flats or heels for even less than you bargained for.

It’s easy to look like a fashionista this season with cheapskate chic.. Go to J.C. Penney’s Target and Payless for up to the minute looks that Nicole and Paris would die for. You’ll not look great but feel great knowing you saved a bundle .

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