Chevy Suburban: It’s the Life and the Ride

Always envious of the Suburban drivers in our areas and circles, my husband and I had to sacrifice our still young and cool inner feelings when our second daughter was born and buy a mini van. It was devasting for me. Not wanting to be part of the mini van club, I used to drive a BIG FOOT Wrangler when we got married!

I felt nothing but uncool in this little, low to the ground vehicle that everyone peered down to me. It wasn’t enough that the doors were electric , there was a movie player , leather bucket seats, and burled wood console, we were now UNCOOL.

We always said we would get a Suburban later when the kids were older, to make us feel better about our Napoleonic complex of the dreaded van but we knew…deep down inside…we could play the game no longer.

We stared stalking the Chevy dealerships looking for our perfect Suburban, and we had the flawless excuse, we had our third child, to give us a total of three kids under the age of five, and only had room for kids not kids stuff.

It didn’t take long for us to lock in the awesome deal to get the great Urban Assault Vechicle. Our white, leather, spacious, luxury car was finally in our driveway, our own Chevy Suburban, there was no looking back. No more would we have to crowd anyone in the car. We could now fit all the strollers in the back. All the Christmas presents fit in the back to go to Grandmas house and my husbands trips to Home Depot are alot easier these days.

We finally feel like we own the road instead of just just borrowing it. Our Chevy Suburban is a commanding car on the road and we don’t feel like people take as many liberties and advances with our big safe car…okay, they are scared.

I know I can never live without this car. We might change colors, we might get a bigger one, we might get a smaller house, but, we will never get a smaller car and it will always be a Chevy Suburban.

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