Choosing the Right Place for You and Your Family’s Dream Home

It is a blessing to be free to make a choice in where you want to live in the right location suitable for your lifestyle. This is the reason America is a beautiful country for those who can reach the American dream. One should think about the key factors in choosing a home for your family which is the state and city, weather, diversity or non diverse population, the crime, the income and cost of living of residents, the neighborhoods and education level of residents,
the number of residents, the distance between shopping, medical facilities and other needed services, services for handicapped and the aging as well as youth, the types of homes, taxes, excellent schools and universities, the prominent fields in occupations available, recreational activity, dangerous wildlife and insects in the area.

When it comes the health and safety for you and your family there can never be too much to learn a place before the move. Be sure to use the internet and other resources to find the right area for your family that will benefit you as well as fit into your financial situation. Though it is always good to start off with a starter home to get a feel for how things work as far as costs and upkeep, it is good to keep in mind all the things that you need for your family. It will be like having your dream starter home, and an upgraded one later on when your financial situation is stronger. There are many things one should think about when getting a home in order to make life alot easier. The home is suppose to be a safe haven from the world, a place of refuge, a place where you can relax after a busy day, be yourself, and spend time with your family. After all, there should be no place like your dream home.


It is a part of life to have certain responsibilities per situation. For apartment rentals, some request that the utilities are paid separately while others include it with the monthly payment. Apartments are usually owned by the landlord who has sole responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of his property. The tenants are responsible for getting their rent paid on time as well as keep the place all in one piece. Home owners have more responsibilities that are similar to landlords due to the fact that both are owners. The general tasks that homeowners can expect to face are shoveling and placing halite to melt the snow to prevent others from falling on your property (and from law suits if the person is injured).

Other tasks include to raking of leaves, trimming of trees, and mowing of the lawn to make the appearance fit the area with dignity. The bills for your home will be your mortgage which should include your home owners insurance in case of damage and the escrow taxes as applicable by your state. Homeowners are required to pay for utilities such as gas and electric along with the water bill that should come quarterly during the year. Though an apartment for some may feel cheaper it is a misconception due to the continuous rise of cost for apartments without getting much out of it. A home gives owners the chance to receive tax refunds, and pay toward the ownership of your very own home.


Since there are so many homes on the market today it is possible that ones dream home exists somewhere out there. This would undoubtedly be the easiest thing to find it, buy it, customize it and live in it. In building a brand new dream home from the ground up there are a few things to remember. First a lot of land is needed in a residential area that will accept the style of home you want. There are certain zones and certain regulation that go with the zones to make the area maintain its place. Meaning, business are usually built in areas of business, and homes in neighborhoods. There are a mixture of neighborhoods that allow both business and homes on the same street.

When building you should look into different construction companies and builders with a good reputation. Once you have established this you will have to wait for it to be finished with the anticipation of its completion being everything you had hoped it to be. Make sure your financial situation can supply you with the necessary funds to see you through this project without draining you of living expenses. It is always better to make more than what you need in order to fulfill your dreams, or to get help from a non profit agency to help you get a grant toward the home of your dreams. You could even settle on a condominium style where they can build it for you from the inside. Condos usually charge fees for maintenance and upkeep which is convenient for those who lead busy lives.


Once you have determined whether to buy or build you should decide on the state, city, neighborhood and distance to places you need for convenience. Moreover, you need to choose a location that will be close you your children’s schools, your job, a church or medical facility to make it faster to get to your destinations. If you do not mind driving a long distance or taking a few buses to get to your destinations this is your decision. However, make sure the area you choose can fit within your budget in terms of taxes, and that your neighbors have taste similar to yours in order to stay out of trouble. For instance, I knew a married couple with two daughter who were mind in temperament and kind, yet had trouble with their finances. This couple moved into a townhouse apartment in a low income neighborhood that in time became full of angry unwed mothers and those idle men whose speech influenced their children to commit low classed acts against the family.

The family experienced having their car almost set on fire, garbage on their patio, their tree hacked by a boy with an ax, a path across their lawn. their car tires unhinged, the chair on the porch unscrewed, the neighbors knocking out the windows, egg thrown at the door, kids playing ball hitting the door and the wall on purpose, kids climbing on the cars, kids wanting to fight their children, kids being disrespectful to the adults, kids shooting bee-bees, neighbors having a party on their patio, strange people sent to knock on their doors, strange people hanging around their home, a message written on their car that it is junk, their shed broken into, and general disdain from the single mothers along with their men. It is important for you to know who you are before entering into some bad neighborhoods. One may think it is easy to just tell the police, but all they do is warn them in some places. Some are not evicted just because they harass you, but by missing the rent. Again use caution when considering a place to live. This family moved into that city and had nothing but bad things happen to the point where two lives were taken by the people they associated with. Your home should be a safe haven in a city full of people with common sense.


There are so many cities full of attractions, recreation and beauty. If you don’t mind living in an exciting city full of people you should look into that . However, if you are the type of person who wants a simple kind of life in a small town of city with a smaller population you should look for it. By using the right key words to describe it you will be led to the right internet sites that will tell you about different places such as if it is a fitness place, full of entrepreneurs or a college town. The city has alot going on in it like theater, sports, and fairs. The country living is more quiet and beautifully free from the going ons found within the city. In the country you will find animals you only read about or saw on TV such as a raccoon, rabbits, toads, groundhog, deer, fox and many exotic birds with beautiful sounds. The choice is yours on where you would feel more comfortable. Perhaps if there is an area that gives you the best of both worlds I’d go for it.


It is important that there is a place to shop for food, nonfood, specialty items to fix the home or car with nearby. Living out in the country has its perks, but not if your transportation fails forcing you to walk miles to the shop to get your parts. In this case, public transportation is a must for those who do not have transportation of their own or a friend to escort you to your destinations. A mail box should at least be one to two blocks away from your home. The mail box will have to be closer for those with limited mobility and limited resources to get a scooter.


The schools chosen should have an outstanding record of high scores to ensure that your child have the best education for a bright future. The area you choose you choose should have the church of your denomination to maintain your faith and spirit. Churches can also be a help to you with programs to give your family recreation with people of faith. What better way can one feel more safe and content than with people who share your values.


This title represents the need for specialty shops for everything from clothing to beauty to appliances to cars to cards to paint to furniture. Since the costs of gas is ever rising having these shops not near your home would require less gas than traveling long distances.


When buying a home it is necessary to check during the warmer months after the foliage and flowers bloom when it would be recognizable if you had a dead tree on the property. A dead tree is very dangerous and during a storm could end up falling on your home or someone else’s property making you liable for the damages. In New York it can $500 or more to have your tree cut down especially if it is a tall one. In terms of the smaller trees, I’ve always envisioned having a few acres of land with trees of every color especially during the autumn season. It would be so so nice to look at all the many colors of the falling leaves from the porch. Make sure in case of storms that trees are not too close to your home to avoid limbs falling on power lines, or through your window where someone may be sitting or sleeping. Be safe when it comes to trees to avoid any mishaps.


It can be hard to choose a particular style when there are so many new exciting developments and designs to choose from. Perhaps it is best to think basic in terms of the home you want as a flat, split-level, two-story, three level, lake home, Tudor, mansion, or castle. One thing I like about watching the HGTV Dream Home contests is the surroundings full of tall green pine trees, and the spacious interior with woodsy decor that compliments the land on which the home is built. A huge family or moderate family who would be expecting lots of guests a larger home would be suitable. For a smaller family a medium sized home would be the answer. For individuals a small home would be suitable. Yet, each person has their own preference on what would be comfortable even if it may not sound practical to some on lookers if a couple with grown children out of the home chose a large mansion. I’ve seen this happen before on the “House Hunters show” on HGTV. Most homes have the usual bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and dining room and kitchen. For designer homes you may find more ideas for a home as listed below:

*Vestibule(mudroom for shoes and coats) *Foyer(Hallway) *Billiard Room(game room) *Family Room *Home Office *Studio
*2 to 3 Car Garage Attached *Library *Ball Room *Cove * Study *Master bedrooms and Baths *Infrared Sauna *First Floor Laundry Room
* Chapel *Gazebo *Enclosed Patio Deck * Double Walk In Pantry(to store non perishables ) *Gym

The whole idea of a dream home is to find , recreate or invent your own private haven that you can’t wait day after day to come home to. Don’t hold back from your ideas of what would make you feel refreshed every day. Continue to dream on it, and find good ways to make the funds and plan how you want to live striving until it happens for you. Don’t give up your dream for a home that is meant for you and your family for it has been said before that dreams can turn into a true reality for those who believe and go for it.

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