How to Fix Common Lockset Problems

Have you ever been outside on a rainy day and had your key broken off in your lockset? It is one of the most frustrating things you can experience. Although locks keep unwanted people out of our homes, they have many annoying common problems. If you know the common problems and the solutions for your lockset, your blood pressure will be able to lower.

Key Broken in Lock
This is perhaps the most annoying of all lockset problems. It has happened to me several times and each time I curse just a little bit more. Usually keys are broken into locks because the key was inserted improperly or forced the wrong way into the lock one too many times. You can easily remove the key from the hole by straightening a wire hanger and creating a hook on the end. Fish the wire into the lockset and remove your key.

Sticky Latch
Sticky latches are usually caused by built up dirt in the lock. All you need to fix this problem is a little penetrating oil. Simply inject the solution into the lockset.

Latch is Easily Disengaged
This can be a major security hazard. If you latch doesn’t work correctly, your door may not be locked when you want it to be. Usually this problem is caused by a misaligned door or a door that has loose hinges. Simply adjust the hinges and realign the door. It should immediately fix your security issue.

Frozen Lock
Frozen locksets happen often in cold climates. If moisture is allowed to collect in the keyhole, it can freeze in the right temperature. To fix this lockset problem, you need to heat it up the old fashioned way. Take a match and carefully place it against the keyhole. Then, once you are able to insert your key, gently do so and slowly wiggle it around until you are able to turn it fully. Do not force the key in or around the lockset. This could create more problems such as a broken key in the lock.

Key will not smoothly insert
If your key won’t go smoothly into the hole, there is usually a foreign object blocking it’s path. Take your stiff, hooked, wire hanger and insert it into the hole, fishing out the foreign object. This is a very simple fix.

Don’t let lockset problems effect the security of your family. Make sure you can always utilize your locks to the best of their abilities. Knowing how to fix common lockset problems is the first step.

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