Easy Ways to Brighten Home Sale Prospects

Selling your home can be a challenge especially in today’s up and down market. The first impression buyers get when they pull up to the house can set the tone of the entire walk through of the house and can end up giving buyers a bad feeling in the end. The exterior is the first factor you may want to change before improving the inside. Here are some tips to help buyers get a good feeling and want to buy your house.

1. Is the home inviting? – Create a good impression starting with the exterior of the house. Keep grass, shrubs, and, other plants trimmed and tidy. Replace broken cement slabs, and seal driveways. Put on a fresh coat of paint but keep it in the neutral color range to appeal to a wider array of buyers. Add colorful flowers to give a cheery presence and better curb appeal. In the interior keep it neat and clean. If you have a lot of personal clutter and furniture you may want to box it up and store it away. This gives the buyers a better view of the actual space and not your stuff. Give the walls a fresh coat of neural colored paint. Also show off interesting features like fireplaces, a beautiful view, or woodwork. Also to play off the buyer’s senses bake some cookies so the aroma fills the house.

2. Invest for a bigger reward – Kitchen and bathrooms are major areas in the house that can greatly affect the buyer’s decision. If the kitchen and or bathroom are outdated or are just in need of repair you may want to invest some money into fixing these areas. Just updating the look of the cabinets can raise the value of the house and you will get your invested money back.

3. Value the lighting – Good lighting in a home is key to giving the home a warm, open, and bright feeling. If the interior does not get good lighting from daylight the house can seem dark and uninviting to buyers. In dark areas of the house that do not get as much light as other parts, turn on the lights or add lighting to the area. Adding dimmers to the lights can also add value to the house. Adjustable lighting can create a certain mood for different areas of the house.

So with a little cleaning and investing now will give buyers a better feeling of what your home has to offer and may get the home sold faster and for more money than you would have before.

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