Cinder Block Mobile Home Steps

Wow, have you priced those concrete steps, or metal steps, made for setting in front of a mobile home door? Are they kidding? With the cheap metal steps, the price tag is over a hundred bucks, and if you want concrete steps – well, you’ll at least double that price. After buying the mobile home steps, you have to load them up – those concrete ones are so heavy it’s ridiculous – and you have to get them home. Save a fortune, have steps in a few minutes, and forget all that work. You can easily build a cheap set of cinder block steps for a mobile home and they’ll hold up for many years. Just purchase a few cinder blocks and let’s get started.

The most important thing to setting your own mobile home steps is to start out with level ground. Clear the ground of sticks, rocks, and clumps of grass. It’s helpful to use a garden rake and a hoe to smooth out the ground, from right next to the trailer, out several feet, and from one side of the door, to the other.

Lay the first block against the trailer, just below the door, and off to one side. Position the cinder block so that the holes go from side to side, and so that one short end of the block is against the trailer. Lay the next block against that one, and butt the two tightly together. Continue to lay more blocks, side-by-side, until you have a row of blocks that go from one side of the door to the other.

Stack blocks on top of the row of blocks so that they perfectly align. Continue to stack another row, and another row, until you get up to, or close to, the bottom edge of the door frame.

In front of the large stack of blocks, build another stack, but make the stack one row shorter than the first stack. In front of the second stack, make another stack, and make it one row shorter. Continue to do that until the last row you build – which will be the first step – is just one block high; build just one row of those.

If you butt the blocks together tightly they should stay put and give you no trouble. However, if you want to ensure that, purchase a product called “Sure-Wall”, and use it to cement the blocks together. Now go out to eat, or go have some fun, because you just saved a fortune on a new set of mobile home steps.

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