Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner System: Product Review

We bought new appliances when we moved into our house two years ago. At the time we decided to purchase a stainless steel stove and refrigerator. I did not realize how difficult stainless steel appliances were to keep clean. Fingerprints are always a problem. If you get the fingerprints off, then you have to try to achieve a streak-free shine. This is a very difficult task and requires a lot of polishing. I have tried stainless steel polish, wipes, and aerosol sprays. I recently purchased the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner Starter Kit with the hope that it will make cleaning my appliances easier.

Cost: The Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner Starter Kit cost $5.99. The starter kit came with a handle and six pre-moistened cleaning pads. The pads are single use and cost $2.99 for additional packs.

Cleaning System: The pads were pre-moistened. They were a little on the dry side, but the directions said to press lightly at first of avoid over-application of the cleaner.

The handle has a soft plastic gripping sheet on the bottom. This sheet adheres to the cleaning pad. All I had to do was place the pad on the handle and it stuck there.

How to Use: To use the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner Starter Kit I had to open the pouch that contained the pads and replace the pads in the plastic container that came with the kit. The box said that it was important to keep the container tightly closed because the pads may dry out. Then all I had to do was stick the pad onto the Scotch-Brite Unique Handle. The instructions said to clean your stainless steel appliances with smooth, even strokes.

Results: The box claimed that the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner system will remove smudges and fingerprints, help resist fingerprints, leaves a streak-free shine, and will not scratch stainless steel surfaces. The stainless steel cleaner removed fingerprints easily. I had to exert more pressure in order to clean off dried milk drops and couple of grease stains. When I exerted the extra pressure I got too much cleaner on the surface and had to wipe the excess off with a soft cloth.

I did my refrigerator first. It took about a quarter of the time that I usually spend trying to clean the stainless steel surface. I was able to flip the pad over and use it on my stove. One pad cleaned two stainless steel appliances without a problem.

Scotch-Brite also advised the user to remove the cleaning pad from the handle in order to clean the hard to reach places. I had to do this when I cleaned the oven handles. Grease stains came off fairly easily.

I waited for the midday sun to hit my kitchen before I made up mind about Scotch-Brite’s claim of a streak-free shine. When the sun hits my refrigerator, the streaks jump out at me. There were some faint streaks that I could see. I think these streaks could easily disappear by wiping off the excess stainless steel cleaner immediately following the cleaning.

As for Scotch-Brite’s “resists fingerprints” statement, I do not think that any product can resist the fingerprints of two small kids. However, it has been over a day since I cleaned the refrigerator and I do not see any fingerprints on the stainless steel. The Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel cleaner did hold true to it’s claim that it would not scratch stainless steel surfaces.

Rating: I recommend the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner system. It was worth the price. It was easy to use and cut my cleaning time down considerably.

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