Several Ways to Remove Blood from Various Surfaces

It is inevitable that blood will wind up on some part of your clothing or home during your life time. Blood at first glance seems to be a tricky thing to get out of most fabrics. Blood really is not that hard to get out though. Below you will find different ways for removing blood stains new and old from your carpet, walls , mattresses and clothing.

Removing blood from carpet:

Table Salt:

Dried blood can be removed by using cold water and table salt. Pour cold water on to the dried blood, then pour table salt onto it. After about 1-2 minutes the blood will have soaked into the salt. Use a spoon or butter knife and scrape at the salt to help to loosen the salt up. Once you have the salt loosened up, then vacuum it all away.


Mix 1/3 hydrogen peroxide with 2/3 hot water into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the blood stain and let it bubble up. Then blot the stain away with a clean dry cloth. Continue to repeat this process until the blood stain is completely removed.

Shaving Cream:

Spray shaving cream onto the blood stain and allow to sit for a couple of minutes. Blot the shaving cream off with a damp cloth and continue until the blood stain is completely removed from your carpet.

Removing blood stains from clothing:


Use hydrogen peroxide to soaked an article of clothing in that has blood on it to remove the blood. If it is a large amount of blood then you will need to soak the article of clothing a little longer. Wash your clothes as normal after the blood is completely removed.


Pour shampoo onto the blood stain. Use cold water to wet the blood stain and seriously scrub the stain. After you have scrubbed at the stain just throw the article of clothing into the washer and wash as normal.

Removing blood stains from walls:

The safest method for removing blood from walls is to use just plain soap and water. This method is pretty safe and effective for all most all types of wall paints. If you have paneled walls then Murphy’s Oil will work to remove blood from the walls.

Removing blood from mattresses:


To remove blood stains whether they are fresh or old set in stains, just use straight hydrogen peroxide. Pour the peroxide onto the stain and let it set for a few minutes. Then just rub the area dry with a clean dry cloth.


For a fresh blood stain on your mattress, shampoo will work if you don’t have peroxide available. Place a small amount of shampoo on to the stain and scrub it away with a damp cloth. Keep in mind though that unlike hydrogen peroxide, shampoo will not pull the blood from deep inside the mattress out. So you have to get to the blood before it soaks into the mattress. Although this does work though if you don’t mind the out of sight out of mind logic.

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