How to Prepare for Overnight Guests

If you are preparing for a house guest you can easily become overwhelmed by the tasks you must complete before the arrival of the guest. It is important that you present your home in a warm and inviting matter, and who wants a house guest to find a mess, or your home in stages of disarray? In this guide I will share thoughts, ideas and tips on preparing for a house guest that I have learned from experience.

First off you should thoroughly dust your home, leave no cobweb unnoticed. Cobwebs and dust offer the appearance of a neglected home, and these are no cheery displays of a warm and inviting home. Dust shelves and min blinds. Also febreeze your curtains, furniture and carpets. Vacuum and sweep well, and remove any visible clutter from rooms such as your living or dining rooms and your kitchen. Give your refrigerator and counter tops a quick cleaning, and give the rooms a quick looking over. A basket of fruit and a vase of fresh flowers often is enough to make a huge difference in the appearance of a room.

You will want to stop by the grocery store to stock up on food and beverages that you guest will enjoy, keep it simple, as you don’t want to go in debt over a house guest. Pick up basic items you know your intended guest will enjoy as well as a few basic comfort foods such as a cake, ice cream and chocolate milk.

In your guest room, the day of the arrival of the guest, make up the bed and stock the room with items such as clothes hangers, a magazine, towels and an extra blanket. You could add a bottle of water and some basic items such as a tooth brush, lotion, soap and shampoo in case your guest has forgotten anything. You will also want to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. Don’t leave your counter stuffed and disorganized with all of your products, and make sure your toilet, shower and floor is clean. Nothing is more unsettling and uncomfortable than a dirty rest room.

Placing air fresheners around your house is another great idea, as a warm and inviting scent can go along way when opening up your home to a guest.

When the guest arrives make them feel welcome and show them to their room. If there are any special rules that you enforce in your home, such as no shoes indoors, or no phone calls after midnight, please inform the guest of these rules as to avoid any issues or irritations.

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